[Android Auto] Show Podcasts Menu in Android Auto

The podcasts menu available in the library section of the phone app should be accessible also in Android Auto !

This idea is not new, has been requested before - and has 130 votes !! Should not have been closed as inactive !!


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Updated on 2018-09-28

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Thank you!  Is there any reason why podcasts wouldn't be accessible through the library in Android Auto?  It's annoying to have to use multiple apps for music and podcasts when I should be able to do both in one.


Any idea on timescales for when this feature might find its way into Android Auto?

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Come on Spotify, every App for Podcasts can do that, i can't be so hard to implement that feature!


I'm absolutely beside myself that this is not default. Why would I be paying for these base features in spotify and not be included for this app... 


Get it together spotify.


Hey all, on Friday 5 July my library menu had a button for Podcasts, and I was able to browse and listen to my podcasts through Android Auto.


I didn't think much of it until yesterday driving again and that button is now missing. Can you check your menus and see if its there.


This clearly shows that Spotify can turn it on/off and they are testing, but it doesn't go anywhere to explain why the business is completing ignoring our messages and requests. It annoys me more that the business doesn't care about its customer suggestions/complaints, and remains very arrogant even towards paying subscribers.


Really @mitchhawkins, it was there?  How bizarre.  I'll check tomorrow when I'm back in the car.  I've been using google podcasts for awhile now and at least have access to what I want now.


What really blows me away is that Spotify haven't actually made any comments here.



How many more vote is needed for this?



Yes absolutley.

Podcasts are a giant growing market and it is frustrating not to be able to get them on Spotify on Android Auto.



Why does Spotify promote exclusive podcasts but does not allow me to play them easily in the car. Who listens to podcasts in the car anyways...


Edit: Today I saw that all my podcasts are listed in the menue "Playlist"! It finally works!


Edit 2: Aaaaaand it's gone again. 



I've got it on the menu today as well - gosh I hope it's permanent.  A big thanks if it is.  But looks like its an intermittent thing.   Fingers crossed it's permanent now.  I was so excited when I looked today.