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Automated "Smart" Playlists

I would absolutely love to have the ability to create a playlist that can automatically update based on songs that I've recently played. This is the only feature Apple Music had that is superior to Spotify. 


Essentially, you could create a "smart" playlist and setup a few simple parameters such as:

  • Number of songs in playlist (50, 100, 150, 200)
  • Time frame (past 30 days, past 60 days, past 90, past 180 days)
  • Specify type of songs (i.e. recently played or most played)

The smart playlist would update live and be automated. What I love most about this feature is the ability to have a larger playlist for recently or most played songs. Sometimes I hear a song I haven't heard in a while that I love and want to keep in my rotation, but it easily gets lost if I don't manually add it to a playlist. A "smart" playlist would remedy this problem. When the song finishes, it would be marked as recently played so the next time that song comes up, I would listen to it again, keeping it in this automated playlist, pushing out the least played song, until it eventually falls off when I start to skip it. Optimized automation at its finest!


I'm grateful we at least have the "on repeat" playlist, but I find 30 is too small of a number and also find that it updates haphazardly, not on a recurring or established frequency. 


check out


discovered it yesterday and it pretty much does exactly what you're after - and a bunch more. good luck


This was really difficult for me to detach from when making the switch from iTunes to Spotify.


Smart Playlists are so darn powerful!!