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Option to turn off Smart shuffle permanently

It is wild how many times over the last year of having this feature I've come to this board to see if disabling it has finally been added. I can guarantee this feature is still HOTLY in demand.

I am a developer myself and I just know how easy a toggle is to add. It's ridiculous. One little toggled boolean in the settings that lets you skip over the option in the shuffle rotation.

On top of it being intrusive, this feature lags the app making it even more intrusive! Sometimes when clicking through, there is a huge lag, honestly up to 5 seconds where the shuffle status is completely unknown and bouncing back to previous states.

There are better ways to implement this feature! 

Why is it loading songs for the entire playlist when it's turned on? It should only be loading in recommended songs when it's choosing to go to a recommended song. I have gigantic playlists and the upfront cost of adding in recommended songs to a 2,471 song playlist is not cheap.

Not only does this feature annoy me as someone who casually uses this app but it infuriates me as a developer.

I hate it.


I am not kidding.

It has been 30 minutes since I wrote this post.

I have been listening to my playlist. I have turned off the smart shuffle SIX TIMES - I clicked it twice to go back to normal shuffle.

There's something attached to the next button right now that's moving it into smart shuffle:

If the smart shuffle is enabled at some point during listening too - If I can manage to turn smart shuffle off - the songs that are cached from the smart shuffle are staying in the queue. So even when I am no longer using smart shuffle, I can't get away from this feature:

(If these links get taken down before I get a reply, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for them again. I'm sorry if I seem upset but I'm trying to help everyone who uses your app.)


This needs to be fixed, especially for Playlists that are set to keep downloaded on the device.


While toggling between shuffle/non-shuffle, Smart Shuffle will add a new mix of songs and IMMEDIATELY START DOWNLOADING THEM! I don't want random songs I haven't specified to be clogging up my storage space and using my data when I didn't tell it to. To make it worse, Smart Shuffle cannot be disabled fast enough to prevent this from starting; it downloading new songs every single time I want to toggle shuffle on/off, making the program and phone lag so much that I have to toggle it off at least twice every time before it goes away. 


It goes like this:


Shuffle is off. Click to turn on Shuffle (so far so good). I want shuffle off. Click and it goes to Smart Shuffle. Click again, and it shows shuffle is off... for a second, then it goes back to saying Smart Shuffle is STILL ON, and there's a "downloading" alert in my phone notifications. Click again to disable, and it will eventually turn shuffle off and cancel the downloads (but sometimes, it needs to be done a third time).


If the program isn't fast enough to keep up with its own functions, there needs to be an option to disable it. I appreciate the feature occasionally, but the vast majority of the time, all its doing is causing annoyance and unnecessary delay of function that makes me long for the simplicity of programs like Winamp.


Stop trying to force-feed new features, PLEASE! Let us choose when we want to use them.




please spotify take a look at how many individual posts about this same feature have been made. the 50 likes within 3 months requirement has been met across all the topics. let us toggle it!!


I wish it was an account wide setting, so it would be disabled across devices.

A ton of my friends hate smart shuffle too, a major complaint being they've worked hard to create the playlists with carefully curated music that they want to listen to, and here comes smart shuffle to add music to the queue that just completely ruins the vibe. Especially awful if you're driving, or trying to calm yourself down before some big event. As a mate of mine has put it, it just "tilts your 'tism".


I feel like smart shuffle is just a symptom of the problem where companies are pressured into adding new (unnecessary) features even when it ends up taking away from the user experience. It wouldn't be much of a problem if users could elect to opt-out of certain features in the account settings in the first place. Maybe resources could better be spent installing infrastructure to aid in account preference customization, but that's just me.


Yep. I don't like how it works so for me a disable feature button is needed.


I have emailed spotify customer support about this multiple times. 


I can't believe that this is a feature they STILL have not added yet. 


I will never want random songs added into my playlists and I absolutely hate how long it takes to disable the "smart shuffle" toggle when I'm in an area with bad connectivity. I will sometimes have to force quit the app, go into airplane mode, then reopen the app just to disable "smart shuffle." 


Yes, sometimes I turn it to regular shuffle but it skips to smart shuffle anyway. This is especially if I'm driving and I don't want to look at my phone


I agree. Customers prefer to have a streamlined range of content. They go hopping mad if they can't turn it off. 


Tbh i've noticed it in so many apps.

Every single time they add a controversial function, and there is no way to toggle it.

Why has it become such a complex thing to add a toggle for things?