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"Remove From Playlist Button" for Artists

Artists who get added to robot playlists gaining thousands of streams from one location are requesting a button that will allow to 'remove from their content from suspect playlists. Also to stop the user from playlisting their content the future. Also to report the playlist and the user


This would be awesome addition, often when indy artists report a playlist that looks fraudulent, it can be because they were added to that playlist by the playlist owner, without being asked, as a reason to get the artist's attention to their 'service'. Generally their services will be to pay for, which is outside of Spotify's TOS. There seems to be an assumption that if an artist appears on a fraudulent playlist, they have requested it, when in fact there are predatory companies that will do this to promote their 'services' further. Indy artists will do everything they can to ensure the stream they get are from 'proper' user playlists with real people listening. The longer an artist remains on an unwanted/fraudulent playlist (one that is linked to a pay for plays model) the higher the risk of having a track removed, no indy artist wants this, so being able to protect ourselves by removing our music from a bad playslist is key. Especially whilst Spotify does not give artists a chance to resolve problematic streams.


Yessss. This 100%


Desperately need this. 


Yes! Please!!


Desperately needed!


This is desperately needed!


Spotify are allowing third parties to take down musicians music.  This is unacceptable.


It’s definitely needed! 


Artists should retain the option of removing their music from predatory playlisters plain and simple. And SO simple to implement, and would restore faith and integrity to Spotify as a platform for smaller indie artists who are the most susceptible to being victims of this.




Would be great to be more in control 👍🏻


While this is an issue because of predatory practices, it seems sensible to allow artists to remove tracks from playlists (and in theory would save Spotify/distributors from having to issue takedowns, which means less admin all around).

Failure to give artists this type of mandate is to prevent them from being proactive during what is clearly a problem for both sides.