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Choose the folder for local files.

  When you check to read local music files, there is no option to choose a folder on Android. If you tag it, it takes all the music and audio files from WhatsApp and other sources and mixes everything. You could create the option to choose the folder as in windows in the next updates.


Great idea. I'm going through the same problem.

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Why can I not select the folder for local file location.
This is a great feature to be able to play local files however, Not being able to specify the location file that is a little silly. 
My phone does not only just include music in the form of audio, There are voice recordings notifications ringtones that Spotify is picking up which is ridiculous because I have to sort through all of that **bleep** to find the music that I want to play.
Can you please add local folder selection into the app. At this point the option to use local music is practically unusable.... Too frustrating to have to flick through 100 plus irrelevant audio files to locate a song I want to listen to.
Thank you

Yes, Spotify. Please fix this. I don't need my saved phone calls, voice memos, and ringtones in my Spotify Library. This isn't a feature request. It's a bugfix request.


Any word on this Spotify people? It is really annoying.


The other issue with local files : 

It isn't adding new files I've copied or downloaded  to my phone on app startup.

Mostly I have to go to settings / apps / Spotify and tap force stop. Other times this if that doesn't work, i need to open Spotify and go to settings disable local files, Close Spotify, reopen Spotify and settings and re-enable local files. 

This is a **bleep** of a lot of stuffin' around just to listen to a couple of songs I've added into my music collection...... Then comes the next frustrating bit of having to search through countless amounts of notifications, ringtones, saved calls in other audio files that I have on my phone. 


Let's just say for now I've totally disabled the  "local files" because it's really quite useless.


A suggestion might be to utilise something similar to android's .nomedia file flag. Creating an empty text file with the name of . nomedia and placing it into specific folder which instructs the app to ignore the folder entirely. 


Hoping you can sort this out soon....otherwise if it's just streaming that I'm using Spotify for, I will make the move back to Tidal use Foobar.




This is TERRIBLY obnoxious.  To the point that I've gone back to using a media player on my phone.  Before I can get to any actual music I have to go through all the "chapter 1"  "chapter 2", etc folders.  I mean, I have a LOT LOT LOT of audio books.  Not being able to restrict Spotify to a single folder isn't something on a wishlist.  It's a friggin bug!



My suggestion is to make it possible to read folders on Spotify on a phone, as currently, we can only do it on a computer. Thanks


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Not sure I understand the reply.  Currently Spotify DOES read audio from the mobile device.  The problem - and it's a BIG one - is that Spotify isn't limited to reading just the files in a music or mp3 folder.  It reads and has access to EVERY AUDIO FILE OF ANY KIND on the mobile device.  Which means it reads chapter files for audio books, not to mention recorded conversations, etc.  To me, that's an incredible inconvenience, but it's also one **bleep** of a privacy violation that Spotify insists that you have to take if you want to have your own music on Spotify.




This wouldn't be as much of a problem if syncing local files from a PC wasn't buggy/broken. I can't get sync to work, so I have to add the missing playlist tracks as Local Files on my mobile device. Unfortunately, a lot of non-music gets added with them.


Please, at the very least, either fix sync or let us chose a Local Files folder on mobile.