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Make Smart Shuffle A Secondary Option

I'm not saying remove Smart Shuffle, or even to add a toggle switch to turn it off.


Just undo whatever was done to make Smart Shuffle the default shuffle mode. We should only listen to Smart Shuffle songs if we deliberately choose to, otherwise the whole concept of a playlist goes out the window. Make it so we have to intentionally turn it on.


Amazing to me that people have been clamoring for over a year for somthing to be done about this egregious annoyance. Does Spotify care about its customers? If we pay for a Premium service we should have Premium-level control over the music we listen to.


indeed, make smart shuffle an option in the settings not in the play area. if people never want to use that , that they can switch it off. This is the general problem with spotify, it's a communist company who does not want users to customize the program to there use, no they push there settings to all users as a dictator. Even this community is well hidden, most of the users do not know this excist, there is no link within spotify to this community. Makes it easier if there are not enough votes to say 'not right now' 🙂


They merged 3 other ideas with this one but made this one the head liner, but I Want the ability to turn it off entirely not just make it the second option that would be completely removing the entire reason for this being on the options list


Not only that. Smart Shuffle is bad for artists (small artists). Because of that, artists won't receive enough STREAMS. You can't play a full album without interruptions, side songs will always be added to the playlist. 


Second this. It's one of the most disruptive features to the Premium experience. If anything, I'd like to have the feature removed entirely for "Liked Songs" because that's the least genre and/or vibe-related collection which makes any smart suggestions useless.


Another difference I noticed is that it mainly provides you with songs you've already saved or artists you're already playing, whereas the previous Playlist Radio introduced me to legions of similar vibes and new/smaller artists as well. It has become more difficult to discover new music.


it is very hard to know when Smart Shuffle is active or not because the icon looks the same. The short popup disappears. It would be better if Shuffle was green like always and Smart Shuffle was blue. Then the user could then immediately tell the difference.


Is is very strange when Spotify's team does bizarre things like this.

Buttons that indicate one action should do that ONE thing. Why is another feature shoved into a toggle button that it is impossible to see if you've toggled it or not, thus getting in your way, if you are driving it is a distraction instead of just being able to push shuffle and know it will shuffle that playlist. What is the point. Critical mistakes like this leech into other features. People will ditch Spotify because it is trying to scum.


For the love of all that’s sacred, it’s literally a tap that fixes this. Why? 


Please upvote  This Idea in support of the mission to add a toggle for smart shuffle.


Agreed!  It should be "Smart Suggestions", as its own icon toggle, so it would be Opt-In by choice, not by accident of bad UX.
That option  could inject recommendations  in any  playlist  play-mode too, whether you're in Shuffle, or in straight play, it could just 'inject'  a suggestion every X number of songs (5 or 10?)  

AND -- The "smarts" really need to take a clue from the playlist name -- if the word "Instrumental" is in a playlist name, then why the *bleep* would non-instrumentals be injected??  


When they added autoplay music as you open the app, I was about to unsubscribe since you could't disable it for good yourself.

Now same thing with smart shuffle: stop forcing new stuff especially If you have a paying customer. Reminds me of Blizzard - game studio whom were certain that they "knew better" what their users wanted. They didnt.