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[Connect] [Kids] Add Spotify Connect support for Spotify Kids

Status: Live Idea

When playing music through Spotify Kids, it is not possible to cast the music to a Google Chromecast audio device. This has lead to many conversations revolving around “but why can’t I put my dance party on the stereo”, and so we have to go back to the main Spotify app to get said dance party going and avert the tears 😀And with the kids stuck at home on account of school closures and lockdowns, there are a lot of dance parties happening. And they much prefer the app geared towards them than the regular app. Because the Spotify Connect feature is already implemented in the main Spotify app, it should be implemented also in the Spotify Kids app to have the same connectivity options.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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To be honest, I cannot imagine why this is not a standard feature.

I am fed up to have my playlist history of Spotify spoiled with kids songs.

By the way, this breaks the whole concept of music recommandation as I don't want to be recommanded "The wheels on the bus" even if my doughter is listining it 342 times a day !

Thanks to add this connect feature as quickly as possible !


This is a great idea! I'd love to see Android Auto integration as well.


So now that this idea was sent to the internal teams over a year ago, any update? Implementing Chromecast in Kids should be a pretty simple matter, since you have it implemented in the main app. And kid permissions are handled because the app is technically signed in with my adult account. this limitation is bananas.


I'm trying to migrate from Tidal, but the inability to cast kids music is severely limiting. As best I can tell, the only workaround is to great a new main account on my Family plan for the kid, then curate/block out the not-age-appropriate stuff.


I just went through the trouble of setting of a spotify kids account just to find out I can't use it on my kids alexa nor using Android Auto....the only two things we use for listening to music. I'm extremely disappointed that this was brought up 2 years ago with no change and I lost a family profile number for this....


Hi Spotify Team,

Was there any refinement done on this Feature request so far? Do the Teams understand already the required changes and how to integrate it safely? I could give some UI feedback on a User based Rollout If that is of any help.

Looking forward to this feature