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Custom install location

Status: Live Idea

On Windows 11, Spotify installs, without prompt, to:



Of all rogue install locations I've seen, this is by far the worst one. I personally don't use roaming (and don't see why this would benefit other Spotify users but I don't know the infrastructure), and there is no reason to install the entire application (including executable) in such a folder.


This is even worse than forcing an install to ProgramFiles, because that's at the very least a commonly used install location and mostly the default.


Please allow a custom install location. I don't mind the application using the AppData folder (NB for cached and user/instance data only), most non-portable applications do, but this is just an anti-pattern. I understand Windows doesn't impose any standards regarding this (or a lot of things) but as a developer myself I hope you will carry the torch and give a good example (and follow the convention of allowing custom install locations).


And if the PO is being an ahh, remind him that I'm a paying customer and by that logic a stakeholder too.