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[Desktop][Podcasts] Sort by Unplayed/Recently Updated

Currently, the only way to listen to unplayed podcasts on desktop is to open a phone and check the feed there, or check every podcast individually for new content. That's 100% unacceptable, and has been for years.


Give us a podcast view that we can sort / filter by unplayed episodes or recent uploads. If you want to be the industry leader in streaming, you can't ignore table-stakes functionality because of "100 kudos" horsesh*t.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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Agreed! I'd like to see the same three views for podcasts on desktop as we have on mobile: Episodes, Downloads, and Shows (or at least Episodes and Shows). The playlist experience on desktop is my #1 complaint about Spotify right now, and the main reason I've switched back to using Apple Podcasts.


Same. It's funny that their neglect on this simple issue is what continues to open the door to my consideration of other streaming platforms.

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Updated on 2019-11-01

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YES PLEASE! I decided I would try to switch to Spotify for podcasts, but have changed my mind because it's not worth switching if I can't easily go through my unplayed episodes on my desktop.


Totally agree. The podcast section on the desktop version is utterly flawed. It hasn't been updated for ages! Everytime the desktop version is updated I'm hoping for a miracle... but it seems that Spotify doesn't care all that much about podcasts.


How is this not a feature already? As mentioned above, the mobile apps so this so much better with the views of episodes, downloads and shows. Just bring that across to the desktop and it would be such a huge quality of life improvement


This is a MUST. Not being able to filter by date/unplayed is a huge flaw and just totally frustrating in general. I have to go to my phone, select the podcast I want to listen to, and then connect it to my desktop. No one wants to do that. Come on Spotify you're better than this!!


This is NOT a new idea. You should go back and count all of the votes on all of the previous postings of this same idea that didn't make it - it's obviously something that lots of people want. The current desktop podcast interface is borderline useless, and this is a simple way to make it usable.


Agreed, I'm hopeful that we will finally get enough votes for this to get looked at.


I don't understand how this can be a feature on the Spotify app, yet isn't implemented on the desktop version.

A list of the most recent episodes is pretty basic functionality.


All other podcast programs seem to be able to implement it, so I'll stick with others until Spotify can implement this.