[Desktop] Popup with current Track

I think it would be slick to make a popup in the lower right corner of your screen when the next song starts playing, show it for X seconds, and then hide.  When I listen to a friend's playlist, sometimes I don't know the track name/artist, so if a little thing poped up (just like a new IM on Digsby/MSN/Steam) of the current Artist+Track Name would be very handy.


This option could be turned off by default (most people would probably think it is redundant), but a simple checkbox inside of your Preferences to Enable/Disable to control this feature would be it.


Thanks for the consideration!

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Good idea, similar to the popup that Winamp show would be cool

Tip: Toastify does just this ;) However, there's no reason why this shouldn't be integrated into spotify itself..
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Another tip..the app Growl.

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Would really love this to happen! 



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Yes, this should be so nice to have with Spotify, please have it for next update :) :) :) Cheers and thanks in advance from Sweden ;)

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Is this happening yet?   Had the brilliant idea tonite too that Spot needs a lil pop up player!


This would be great.  In the meantime, does anyone know of somethine like Toastify for OS X?

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I just tried Toastify for Windows and it's awesome!

You get a little pop up that you can even customize (colors, time shown, transparency, etc).

With the newest version 1.6 and the easy fix from here it is finally always on top of other windows. Great little app - love it! :)