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[Desktop][Search] Return Search bar to main screen

The Search bar was recently shifted to the scroll menu on the side (Windows Desktop Client), however, I cannot see why.


The Search bar is such an essential feature, which needs quick access at any time. With its new position, I have to click the scroll menu on the side first in order to scroll right to the top, just to click the extra Search option.

When I for example create a new playlist and browse through the artists´ pages to find the fitting songs, I can not simply drag and drop the song without scrolling down the long list until i reach my playlist. Then I have to scroll all the way up again to enter a new artist into the Search bar.
This just seems unnecessarily complicated and counterintuitive.

It´s not that the space was filled with something more important anyway (not that there are much more important things than the essential Search feature)... it´s just a blank space now.


I would really appreciate it if you moved the Search bar back to its previous position at the top of the main section, no matter whether it was a band page, playlist or anything else. It could still unfold into its extra screen (like it does now) when clicking it but the position has to be easily accessible at any time.


Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the previous Not Right Now status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


This is such a step backwards. I can't imagine why anyone would think it's a good idea to make search harder and slower to access. As @Delyrium perfectly articulated:


The Search bar is such an essential feature, which needs quick access at any time.

Please revert the Search Bar so that it's accessible from every page!


I agree! This just happened to me yesterday when spotify was automaticly updated. This just made the application more difficult to use and many more scrolls and clicks. I have paid for the application and i demand that the software does’nt getting worse meanwhile, give me back the search bar now!


I often have strong opinions about Spotify updates and suggestions for new features. This is the first update that's made me angry enough to create a community profile. Normally I can see arguments for both sides, but I don't see any value to the search bar moving. It only makes the application less usable.


completely agree with all of these other users. moving the search bar makes the desktop application so much less efficient and user friendly! most of the time that i spend making or adding to playlists is on the desktop app, and having quick access to search is a no brainer. now you have to scroll the sidebar to find the search function, click once to enter search mode, then click again into the search bar. previously you simply clicked into the everpresent search bar and good to go. please give us back our old search bar!!! not sure why this seemed like a good idea. 


Completely agree with this, it doesn't make any sense to move it to the left if you have all this space unused on top. It's really bad user experience to take away access to search like this.

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Updated on 2019-04-13

Marked as a new idea 🙂


i totally agree with everybody ahead me. everything takes ages now. it's the most essential tool on spotify. i don't want to scroll up, click, write, click. that's two really annoying steps to much. 


This is definitely a step backwards! I want to click and search like I always have been. Fast and easy.


Why would you click the search, view a search page,  and type what you want to search? What about just typing in your music and then seeing the results?


It's just one more unneeded item in the sidebar amongst my numerous playlists that I have to scroll through find at the top of if I want to search. This isn't "minimalist" or "making the interface tidy". It's just annoying. And no, it isn't because I am not used to it (as someone in the design industry, I'm saying it from an interface design perspective too).


Such an evidence to have the search bar always visible at the top 🙂


+1 to this. 

I am a Premium power user, with Spotify powering my music all day every day (and that's been true for years). Spotify helps me discover music through a myriad of playlists and features, but the search bar previously in the top bar on Mac Desktop app helped me power that discovery and use even more—and at rapid speed (which is important when you're quickly browsing for something between meetings or putting together a playlist.) Putting it in the sidebar makes for poor a UX design and experience, especially when the real estate where it used to sit is now awkwardly gaping empty. Please move the search bar back to the top so we can keep exploring at the speed and ease we need!