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[Desktop] Select default sound device for Spotify Connect

Currently Spotify defaults to using the default sound device when launched, it would be neat if you could choose which sound device you want to use instead in the options screen.



Updated on 2023-08-23

Hey everyone,


We appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Community and showing your support to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Take care.
You have to be actively playing music with Spotify app. Then it will show
up as an aoo in sound settings.

I know this has been said, but there seem to be a lot of people not taking it on board.


Windows 10 now supports assigning audio output device per application.  You should use this method, because the Windows changes clash with the Spotify --enable-audio-graph command line switch.  You WILL have problems. So stop using this command line switch!!!!!!!!!!


To change the Spotify output device, start Spotify playing, go to Windows Sound settings>Advanced sound options, find Spotify and use the drop down to select the output device you want Spotify to use.  The change is immediate and Windows should remember this choice from this time forward whenever you use Spotify.










Works great, if you wait long enough Windows will do everything. The trouble is that I am old. 




@reszerveYes it has been said and I found it by accident after I had posted, my difficulty (and I suspect that this goes for alot of people) is that the thread starts of with something marked as a working solution. When you see that the natural response is to stop looking.

That said thank for your message if you have any idea how to get spotify admin to change the solution in the first post then maybe we can stop other people from experiencing the same confusion?


I've tried to reach out to a mod month ago to edit this thread. No reply, no reaction, nothing. 


What is the point of any of those votings if there is no change...

The Audio graph command line flag maybe worked for 1-2 versions, now it is gone again.

@reszerve I do not have that option in my version of Windows 10. Windows doing some fix after years does not mean everyone have it. It does not free Spotify from fixing the issue either.


7 years later and this still isn't possible? That's INCREDIBLY disappointing. Neither the WIN32 app nor the UWP app allow me to change the output, even via Windows' own sound settings menu (it just straight-up doesn't show up) and the "fix" mentioned above doesn't work at all.destiny2_2019-08-30_22-48-23.png


@JaysonsRage I don't know why it isn't showing up for you, but if Spotify is Actively Playing it should show up just fine. If Spotify is Paused, or Turned Off, it won't show up.

And from my experience, it needs to be changed every time you launch and play Spotify.

I can also confirm that the launch parameters still interfere with this, if that was the 'fix' you were referring to. Haven't had any issues with this in an age so I might have missed a few key posts somewhere.


I was directed to this post when I tried to create my own Idea to add audio output selection on Mac. This Idea

  • has been open for 7.5 years
  • has a solution flagged that only ever worked for Windows 10, was never officially released, and stopped working years ago
  • was never solved or even acknowledged for Mac


And yet just today I was directed to vote for this Idea to make it happen. After 7.5 years and over 5k upvotes already with no solution. Thanks for nothing, Spotify.


There is a working solution that got implemented in march 2018 within the windows 10 operating system by Microsoft. Just look through this thread. When it comes to mac, I have no idea. The problem is: These mods here are just incapable of updating this thread to inform the paying users that their implementation is now broken and unnecessary. Or maybe just incapable in general. I've tried to reach out to mods multiple times without any reaction whatsoever. This has to be updated. Their weird workaround is causing bluescreens and overall system instability that might lead to data loss.