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Fix the Likes

Not sure where I can go to register my disdain for the "Add to Playlist" function that replaces likes. As a super-user who manages multiple playlists, this is bizarre. This blows up how I use Spotify. Awful user experience. 0 out of 5 stars. Do not recommend.


Agree. It's completely ridiculous and pointless to make "add to liked" now become a boring normal "add to a playlist".


I also posted this idea! I hate how the like feature adds songs to the last playlist you added songs to instead of keeping the LIKES as the default playlist it adds songs to.


there is a difference between liking a song (having it effect my recomendations) and adding it to a playlist (songs that I may need to get back to because I want to listen to them or because I need to learn them).  Not everything on a playlist os something I like.