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Full suite of friends features.

Status: Live Idea

My idea is to have a feature to communicate with friends through chats and group chats, send song recommendations to each other etc. And also a feed page with new releases from favourited artists, not all artists. And in that feed, you can see when a friend has made a new public playlist (I like making playlists for each moods, so I want to share them).

You can also share in a new post about an artist you just found, a new song you like, a new podcast you started listening to, or even a new playlist you found and enjoyed, so that your friends can like and comment on your post and enjoy the music you enjoy.

In the friends chat, you can have a live session, like a call button, but instead you just share the music/podcast you are listening to live, and you can talk through the call or mute it, of course it can also be included in the group chat.