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[Hardware] The Spotify Player

I would like Spotify to develop a (touchscreen if possible) - Hifi system machine with display


I am sick of having my laptop on all day just to play Spotify - or my phone


Please build a product - I can log into Spotify on and leave that on all day - without never needing my laptop or phone again


To give my other devices a rest - I know there are radio's that have 'Spotify connect" on it but the ones I saw require phone connection and internet connection etc unless anyone can comment and recommend something - i do not believe this has been done yet and i hope Spotify or some company capable of creating this does it - cos i think it could be a gold mine for those - worried about the battery life of their devices that shouldn't be used as a cd player in 2020


I would love one that can download my 3k song playlists and store that on it and just play that all night and day etc - so it will need a good amount of storage


Look forward to your replies and hopefully you vote it up - so i can get an official reply




Updated on 2023-03-23

Hey everyone,


This suggestion got moved to the wrong place by mistake and we're setting it to live idea again. Thank you all for bringing your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We'll continue to monitor and check out the comments here. Please continue to add your votes and support this idea, so that it would have a better chance of being considered, as Spotify always strives to improve your experience.


As soon as we have any updates on its status, we'll let you know.


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


I take Spotify wherever I go, listening using my Android phone. But that costs battery. I could buy an iPod, but I'm not that into Apple and buying an iPod just for Spotify is just way too expensive.


I was thinking, couldn't you guys make a MP3 player packed with Spotify? Works the same way as the iPod/Android app, packed with WiFi to Sync playlists and stuff. Maybe an Equalizer too. But in my opinion it would be great! I think alot of Spotify Mobile users will like this too.




You can now sync your iPod Nano or Shuffile with Spotify.  Spotify is not in the business of making hardware.  They should focus on improving their software and user experience.


I have been searching for info on syncing Shuffle with Spotify.  So far I have only learned that files must be local.  Is there new help text that explains how to do this? 


Yes, my Ipod Classic has long been dead and buried.


LIke the Sony Walkman which syncs with their music service, Spotify should find an outlet. A mobile can only hold so much data.

I'm actually making such a device, however have been behind on deadlines due to other commitments. I'm really hoping to have a basic beta model ready in the next couple months or so.

I know I'm posting in an old topic, but is closed.
Is there any update regarding this question? Cyberlane Did you finished your device?


I have searched on the internet for a device only used for Spotify, but I can't find much...
The only thing that I have found is a small Android smartphone for < €100: Motorola Moto E


Just 4 more kudos to go..

Surely more people must acknowledge the need for Spotify on portable devices other than phones??


Surtainly a great idea. I live in an old house, the walls are very thick brick and bluetooth signals don't quite work. I have my private bar area in the back of the house, where we have our own audio system, connected with wall sockets and speakers throughout the house. My computer is in my bedroom (can not be replaced), and I want to find a way to connect Spotify to that audio system. I do have a faint Wifi signal in the bar, just enough to stream music through. My phone is no option because Spotify will always try to sync, pumping my phone full of data until it's unusable and also I want my phone to be in my pocket and not always connected to my mixer. An affordable mp3 like device running only Spotify via WiFi will be perfect to connect to my system, allowing me to listen to my music everywhere in my house. 




for that I suggest you buying a Gramofon, which does what you want, streaming Spotify music through wifi to any audi system.

I have it and it works flawlessly 😄


Also check out a similar product called Rocki Play. They aren't perfect, but pretty cool.