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[LightOS] Support Lightphone 2

I've been using Spotify for years and I recently have moved to a more minimalist type of "smart" phone called LightPhone 2. I just wish there was a way to download spotify music and podcasts to my phone. 

Updated on 2021-06-14

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I’ve used Spotify for years. I can’t imagine having to cancel my streaming subscription and go buy all of the music I want to listen to. Truthfully that sounds overwhelming.
I use Spotify on my iPhone constantly - that’s why I haven’t taken the plunge to the light phone yet.

Even if it was super simple and there was just an avenue to upload the playlists you download onto your computer through the light phone dashboard or something? Seems like it can’t be too difficult to make a reality. But I’m not a developer 😅


I remember seeing an advertisement for a Mighty Vibe, which can be used as a portable Spotify player. I know you’d have to deal with an interface on this phone but just having the option to shuffle playlists would be suffice.

I hope this works out because like a lot of comments on here, that’s the main thing that’s keeping me from pulling the trigger on purchasing a Light Phone


Yes please bring Spotify to light phone.


I absolutely agree with all of the above. Lack of Spotify support is the only thing keeping me from switching. Tech-wise it doesn't seem like the biggest issue to support Spotify on the LP2. 


I am considering switching to Light Phone and would in  second if I could bring Spotify with me! Please add it as a feature!


I would like to be able to use Spotify on the Light Phone 2. Please make this possible, Spotify. Thank you!


Please combine. Thanks.


I just purchased a Light Phone II and would love to have the only music streaming app worth a damn, available to me on the light phone. Spotify is tops. Please write the integration required for LightOS integration. Pretty, pretty please!


I’m also just here to say I would love if Spotify could be supported on a light phone ... #1 reason I’m hesitating with the switch. 


I would like to say too similar to the previous comments, probably the single reason why I will not be purchasing the lightphone 2 is that I cannot download music from spotify or podcasts from apple podcasts (some podcasts I listen to are not on spotify) onto the phone. I would love for spotify to collaborate with lightphone to make this happen.