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Maintain the sequential numbering of all items in playlists

Status: Live Idea

Dear Spotify Team,


I am reaching out to propose a small but significant enhancement to the Spotify user interface that could improve the experience for those of us who enjoy curating playlists containing both songs and podcasts.


Currently, in playlists that mix songs and podcasts, the usual track number is replaced with a music note icon. This change, while visually distinctive, can disrupt the user’s ability to quickly reference a track’s position in the playlist.


Proposal: Maintain the sequential numbering of all items in playlists, regardless of whether the item is a song or a podcast. This would ensure that users can easily see the order of their playlist at a glance without toggling between different symbols.



  • Consistency: Users experience a uniform interface, making navigation simpler and more intuitive.
  • Convenience: Enables quick referencing and management of playlist order, especially useful for playlists used in settings like parties or personal exercise sessions, where quick adjustments are common.
  • Accessibility: Assists users with visual impairments who benefit from a predictable layout.

Implementing this feature would not only refine the aesthetic of mixed playlists but also enhance functional usability, catering to a broader range of Spotify’s diverse user base. We believe this change would be warmly welcomed by many who appreciate the meticulous organization of their audio experiences.


Thank you for considering this enhancement.