[Music] HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz

I've just started a trial of Qobuz - they offer the standard 320kbps as well as lossless FLAC streaming (and high res downloads if you purchase them) the sound quality is noticeably better and on classical it's just wonderful to get all that resolution through your hi-fi or headphones! The catalogue has a way to go to get to Spotify's level, but they are getting there. The iPad app isn't' too bad (the desktop app is in need of an upgrade but I hear they are putting all their efforts into mobile apps right now).
So - lossless streaming - if Qobuz can do it then so can Spotify, they must have the same source - and obviously if you are asking £20 a month then those record labels and distributors take enough notice to make the high res tracks available for streaming. What this all means is soon, very soon, we will get lossless streaming and closely followed by high res downloads - but if Spotify aren't careful it will be Apple who get there first with an audiophile premium offering, and when they do it will be a much harder market place to make money in!

Updated on 2017-10-27

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We really appreciate it. We haven't updated the status in a while and we're here to let you know we think this is a Good Idea. This doesn't mean it is in our current timeline, just that we like this idea. If this idea does become a part of our plans we'll change this to 'Under Consideration'. Until then just keep leaving your feedback here so we can pass it on internally. Thank you!


Tidal and Qobuz are lacking in terms of library size, and I really would like it if Spotify had a lossless offer. I'd switch back to Spotify immediately.

Yes, that is what I have done with my Heos. The sound quality is wonderful!


Whether Spotify care to admit it or not, the emergence of Amazon HD (at a very attractive price) and the provision of high quality streaming by other providers is a serious threat to your business. 


Please pull your head out of the sand and do what so many of us have been requesting for so long. 


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Two years since last update?! That is LAME. Please take your users serious.... ! 


Love the spotify ui experience, really really nice....

But, please add a flac tier. I do not expect it to be free and am willing to pay extra for it.

Missing a FLAC option really makes me doubt my subscription. Its the UI experience that kind of keeps me subscribed.

But pfffeww, i wish you would add a tier for FLAC rather yesterday.


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Why are we waiting... We are suffocating... Etc. Come on Spotify. Still prefer you for device integration, but for @mazon prime subscribers you really are losing your competitiveness.

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I agree but in terms of "Hi Res" Qobuz has the worlds largest catalog..

Thank you so much Spotify for the regular updates.

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Like previous user have mentioned. Amazon is about to bring lossless quality music, so that's a clear sign that it's time that spotify does the same.
If you don't, maybe apple could do it and if that happens, you'll be left behind and I'm sure that you don't want that.

So, come on guys! It's time for you to give us HI-FI music.

Everyone here is willing to give you more money for that, so I don't know what are you waiting for?!!