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It'd be awesome to be able to add my own tags to all of my songs in playlists, so I can easily and specifically sort my songs how I like.


Should be a pretty simple tool to implement.



Updated on 2018-10-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




As a software developer, I'd say that the easiest solution would be if you let people tag by right-clicking on a song, choosing "Tag", then entering a comma separated list of tags (preferably with an autocomplete of existing tags). You could also mass-tag songs by selecting many or a whole playlist and using the same command.


Tagged songs would be viewed in a new section under "Collection" called "Tagged". This section would allow you to pick from your tags in a list, or search for a tag. This would add a tag filter, showing all songs with this tag. You could then choose or search for additional tags, which would filter the list further, until you reach your desired combination of tags and find exactly the songs you seek.

von dretdurl am ‎15-12-2012 11:50 AM

I would love to see tagging in spotify. I would be the future Spotify Smart Playlist.


Just add tags to your songs and artist and it automatically puts the songs in the playlist. So you don't have to add ech song individually. It would pretty much kick "genres" ass




This will be great!


It would be great! So you can tag a song as Pop, Rock, 90's... and then listen music acording to tags instead of doing many embarrasing playlists. So you can ear the same song in a playlist related to a tag pop or to a tag rock. Even you can do playlists mixing tags. I think is great idea.


Yes! Plaes add this! Power-users spend countless hours trying to organize their music.


Organizing happens across several dimensions:


  • artist
  • mood
  • decade
  • genre
  • etc.

Please enable music tagging, not only restriced to local downloaded songs! PLEASE!!!!


Tagging in my playlists and the playlists themselves would be fantastic.  It would bring more order to our music listening.


I would love to, among other things, be able to rate all the songs that I have earmarked in playlists or by Starring them.


When I like anything, I add it to "Liked from Radio". But sometimes I only like something in a particular mood, so I have this huge folder of playlists for moods. I'd rather delete those playlists and add a special tag for each "mood'. That way I don't have to add songs to multiple playlists which erks me.


It would also be useful for soundtrack playlists. Such as "Music from the tv show" playlists, each tag could mark the episode it appeared in. Or for video game collections: "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-4", with tags "PS1".


I think this may be the feature I'd most love to see in Spotify. I say this after having spent several hours over this weekend reorganizing my entire collection into genre based playlists. In the process, I went from 8,000 plus songs in my library to about 4,500, then finally ended up with over 7,000 tracks. The reason for the changes was that I started out deleting most of my old playlists and just saving the songs I'd starred, but then I decided to have separate playlists for different things, e.g., one that's good for any time listening in addition to archive type playlists filled with all my albums in the corresponding genres. In particular, I wanted to make sure my local tracks were in the mix, as I'd somewhat neglected them in my time with Spotify.


Granted, I could have avoided this hassle if I'd come up with a decent organization system when I started using Spotify over a year ago, but going through a library of thousands of songs over and over trying to build genre playlists is not the most fun way to spend my time haha. Tagging would have made this so much simpler, especially for songs that I included in multiple lists.


Overall, organization is just a really big problem still, and while I believe the new collection feature will help somewhat when it's fully rolled out, I'm not confident it's going to solve the issue entirely.


I find myself adding single tracks to multiple playlists, e.g. "acoustic", "calm", "indie", "happy". But it's pretty complex to organise like this using playlists.


I don't think that tags should actually replace playlists. Playlists are useful in their own way, for collaborating, sharing and for making, well, playlists. They are less useful for organising your personal music library, though.


For a working example on great use of tags to organise music, see:



It will be great idea. And songs will be sorted by this tags into "folders". For example I want to tag some mp3s by genre, some by language, some by mood and of course some of this folders will have duplicates from others.


I would like to advice the possibility to add enough personal tags per song and be able to filter on multiple tags (perhaps like a text search). I can already think of about 5 categories and a song I could fix up with multiple tags of the same category. So I could like end up with 10-15 tags for some songs.