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Music only app

I dont want podcasts or audio books. I only want music, a plan or setting that removes all that other junk. 


This would be FANTASTIC for parents as well.  I want my kid to be able to use Spotify for music, not for watching video content or anything else.

  • I have come to loathe the app. There is so much noise around artists and music. Please provide a way to simplify the layout so that I can just see music. A music only tab or section would be great.

Stop raising the subscription cost in order to pay Joe Rogan a quarter billion dollars while musical artists with real talent are earning a fraction of a cent per play. I want no part in this iniquity.


I don't use the app for podcasts or audio books -- just the music please. Let Rogan's sycophant fanboys pay him themselves.


My long standing miff is I can't simply chose a song and play it. Not without sitting through 2 or 3 others first. Pretty soon you'll go to okay a song and first have to listen to a sampling of some true crime podcast.