[Partnerships] Apple TV Support

I think there should be a Spotify feature for the Apple TV, similar to the Netflix App which is available. As currently, the only way Spotify can be played on the Apple TV is through AirPlay which requires an iPod Touch/iPhone.

Updated on 2018-01-04

Hello everyone--staff here again. We try to update the larger ideas in the Exchange on a yearly basis. Since this hasn't had an update in a while we're here to confirm this is still 'Not Right Now'. We also want to say again that we don't typically announce product updates before they happen when they involve third parties. We know this has grown to over 4,400 votes and we have passed along your feedback. Please continue to add your comments and votes to this thread. Thanks!


When will there be a Spotify App on the Apple TV?


Who is holding it back? Spotify? Apple? Make it happen already!

If Netflix is ok for TV and movies, which competes with iTunes' content,

then surely Spotify (and other music services) must be ok.


By the way Apple, why not open an App store for Apple TV just like other iOS devices. I can't understand it. The Apple TV is awesome, but lacks content.


There are all kinds of ways to get around this lack, I use my iPhone / iPad and Airplay with my AppleTV, but the fact remains that actual Spotify support in the device's software would make it rock all the harder in my book :)

At least release an app for jailbreaked Apple TV's... If Apple is putting sticks in your front wheel, that is...

I don't think that's gonna happen.

I have a hard time to beleive that Apple want competition, they want you to buy music from them...

But one can dream :)


That would be awesome!


I already pay for spotify premium and I want to see this!  It would take Spotify to a whole new level of coolness.

Music Fan

Or just normal Airplay baked into the Spotify app on Windows and Mac OSX would be awesome as well.. since now I need to stream my picture if I want to listen, if not I need to use Airfoil... but Airfoil seems to distort the sound for some reason.


hm... doesn't work yet - come on guys! :-)


I have been a Spottify free user for a year, trying to decide if it is worth the $120 per year. Accessibility is a big part of my decision, and I'm sure the decisions of many others. Apple TV functionality would make it very slick and easy to play Spotify through the sound system in which I have invested the most money. It's great that I have it on my computer, phone, etc... but I want to easily play my music through my big boy speakers. 


totally agree with this! make this happen!