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[Playlists] Remove a song from a Blend and prevent similar songs

I had a suggestion for the new Spotify Blends that came out for Spotify. I really like this new feature and I think Spotify has done a really good job with it!


However, I listen to a genre that my friends do not like. I noticed that a lot of music of that genre appeared in my Spotify Blends even though I have other music in common with my friends that could appear instead. Right now, the only option is to 'hide the song' but that only works to hide the song from your own device.


Can we have a 'remove from playlist' option for songs that we don't like in the Blend? Removing the song should ideally be permanent, and should work on the entire playlist on all devices. Also, once we remove songs from the Blend, then can it prevent similar songs/songs of that genre from appearing again in the Blend? It would be even better if right after we remove a song, it is instantly replaced by a song that is different from it like it is learning from the feedback.



Updated on 2022-06-24

Hey! Looks like your idea is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

More information about how the Spotify Idea Exchange works can be found here.


Yes! I just tried Spotify blend and my contribution  was my evening ambient music 🥴 I listen to many genres but my quiet time focus music gets the most played so unfortunately that is what gets pulled into a group blend list.  I love the randomness of Spotify blend and found new songs from my group. What I would like is when you join a group it asks you first if you would like to omit any artist or genre or favorited playlist before entering. In my case this would keep the random surprise of a playlist but allow me to omit classical music or music playing from my sleep time playlist.  Thanks


Bumping this because no update in 8 months and it should have just been part of the feature anyway.


My sleep playlist is of no interest to anyone so I should be able to omit it. 


Commenting to keep this boosted!!! I love the blended playlist, I feel it's been beta tested enough, give the people what they want!!


Hello! Very excited about the new "Blend" feature!!  Unfortunately, my husband and my "Blend" includes a ton of children's songs that I play at work for my music teaching job, and I'd love to be able to remove those because we do not listen to those for enjoyment! Please consider adding a feature to remove songs from the blend! THANK YOU!


I strongly agree with many of these statements. I’ve made blends with a few of my friends and this dumb song that I couldn’t stop playing around a year ago always shows up. I never liked it, never added it to a playlist, I just listened to it on repeat for 3 days and it still shows up! It’s embarrassing for me 😭


Any updates?


I need this, the blend has pretty much exclusively been adding songs from my 50s hits playlist. It also added a couple songs my dad played once from my account which was kinda embarrassing. I’d almost rather pick the playlists/genres/artists that the blend CAN choose from than omitting the ones it CANT.


Plan: Premium

Country: Netherlands


(iPhone 13, Macbook air 2017)

Everything is up to date


My Question or Issue



I love within the blend feature that i can delete songs, as sometimes they are inaccurate, or i simply do not enjoy those songs anymore.


When deleting the songs in the blend playlist, it goes well, and it is deleted from the playlist for both me, and the other person in the blend. However, when the blend gets updated, the songs sometimes come back, just not with my name/picture next to them. So there are some songs within the blend which don't have a picture/name to indicate who is 'responsible' for the song being in the blend. This is annoying, because now people can see i tried to delete them, and they are still in the blend. In this updated playlist, if i choose to delete another song, the other previously deleted songs automatically are deleted as well. But this means i keep on deleting songs, which keep on coming back in the playlist as well. Is there a fix for this? 


Please add this! Blends keep adding songs that are embarrassing me infront of others! 


Why this issue hasn't been addressed still? Whats the blocker @spotifystaff ?