[Queue] Playlist from current Queue

I like the new queue- it would be cool if you could take what's in it and save it as a playlist. I've got a pretty awesome queue lined up and i'd like to capture it! 

Updated: 2017-02-20

Marked as new idea. This is a repost of the following inactive idea.


I really desire to be able to save &/or make a playlist from my queued tracks... Many a morning have I woke, dazed and confused about my song selection from the night before.. I still buy records (& certainly believe I'm not the only one) so building a feature to easily make playlists from que'd songs playing would simply make good business sense.. If I setup a LastFM account, would Spotify scrobble (I think thats the correct word) all the tunes I que and play with Spotify Premium?  I honestly just figured this ability to recall every track played (except for if activating a 6 hour Private Session) was a Premium Feature.. Now I realize it's not possible, @ least seemingly.. But it should be possible to turn que'd songs into playlists.. C'mon y'all! Make it happen, please!

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This is a great idea and a feature so obvious in context that let's call it missing -- a bug. 


Even Select-All and Rt-Click for the same menu we get when viewing an album or playlist. 

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Oh wait! It's there. Thanks. 


it's a kind of akwardness there is no save queue as playlist.


Since I listen to different music during different activities, I sometimes leave off what I'm currently listening to and listen to something else with the intention of eventually going back to what I was previously listening to. One thing I've learned to do is to make a one-track playlist of the current song, so that I know where to continue from. This works best for albums, since the playlist tells what album the track is from. It is less useful for playlists, because it doesn't tell me which playlist I was playing the song from. Typically, I have to also remember the playlist I was playing and hunt for the song in that playlist. Besides this being extra work, I can be thrown off if the creator of the playlist reorders it, and I can lose my place entirely if the creator of the playlist removes that track from the playlist before I return to it. These problems could be solved by letting me save the current queue as a playlist. This would make it easy to keep my place in a long playlist without anything being affected by changes to the original playlist. 

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would use this feature very very frequently too


I see this as a bug.  The windows app lets me select all tracks in the queue, right-click and select "Add to Playlist", and then pick a Playlist.  Nothing happens.  If I select a single track, it will create a playlist from that.   So buggy implementation.







It's a great idea, but I can't seem to vote.


I would love the option of creating a playlist of songs queued. I know other apps have this option is it too hard for Spotify?