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I don't care if this has been submitted a hundred times over, you Spotify devs clearly need to hear it. You should *not* have to go through the effort of finding the "liked songs" playlist, just to add a song to Liked, when you have a ton of playlists. Playlists don't even sort like they used to, it seems almost random which playlists show first despite which ones I interacted with last - but that's not the issue here; it's just yet another downside of the problem at hand.


Please. Please. Please.

Bring back the **bleep** 'liked'/heart button on songs and albums. Having to add liked songs to my liked playlist manually just leads to me adding it to different playlists because it's so **bleep** tedious in the first place. I've been adding songs to playlists and then using the PC version to mass-add songs to Liked because you make it so inconvenient on mobile. This isn't user-friendly in the slightest.


Just, why? Why can't you just bring back the little heart? I thought the point of liked songs was to add songs then and there; not to have to stop in the street to add a song to a playlist because it now takes several seconds to do so. I've been paying for Premium since 2009, and now I'm wondering if you're worth the effort. Fire whoever told you it was a good idea to remove the Liked button, seriously. Fire yourselves for listening, too.

Updated on 2023-11-03

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I hate the new playlist update with the missing « Like Button ». It was useful having all of my liked songs in one place. Now there’s lots of friction to add a song you like to my liked playlist. 
Plus, when I click on my Liked Songs Playlist it now plays songs that are not on my list. It goes for songs that are in another playlist despite not having the « enhanced » button on. It is seriously annoying. When I click on my Liked Songs I want to only hear songs that are saved into playlist.

It is ruining experience with spotify and my organisational system. I’m serious considering cancelling my subscription. 😔


I agree that the deleted LIKE button is a disaster.  This is a major downgrade!!


Agreed. My playlist issues seems to be solved but the like button change is really bad 

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The plus sign symbol automatically adds songs to your Liked Songs playlist, and that would be at the top anyway. If it's not, you can Pin it so it's always at the top. 


Please return the like button.

When the algorithm gives me playlists I like listening to the new music and making my mind up whether or not to like it, unfortunately it is now almost impossible to tell from a glance which songs are liked or newer for me and this means I am listening to less be playlists because of the sheer effort in sorting through the music now.

Seeing the green heart used to mean "you've already sorted this song into the appropriate playlists", now I'm having to check almost every song to make sure it's saved or not and I hate it.

At the very least make an option to turn an indicator for if a song has been liked on or off without having to go through all the extra steps!!!


When did they remove this? I still see it on both desktop and Android. Do I need to stop updating Spotify to keep this feature??? 😮


I updated on Android on 17th Oct and it's version


Note that the + symbol doesn't help at all unless you're actually in the Spotify app. I distinctly remember (when the Liked button was a heart) that it would show on your phone's lockscreen as well, and when you swiped down from the top while using another app. This applies to both ios and android since I use both. And some of us don't want the Liked playlist to be the first pinned playlist.


The heart was infinitely more useful and the + symbol doesn't measure up. 


I agree. I want to be able to tap the heart to ADD the song to my favourites, and tap again to REMOVE the song from my favourites. With the + symbol, you need to tap it, select my favourites, and then it's removed. Very irritating. Please upvote this suggestion.