Rearrange tracks inside a playlist (Android)

On my iPod I can manually move my songs around that are in my playlist, but I can't do the same on my phone which is what I mostly use. It would be easier to have that option on all devices.

Updated on 2017-08-25

Hey everyone, we're back to give this idea its annual update. We're keeping this at 'Good Idea' because we truly do like this idea. However please know that this isn't in our current pipeline so you won't be seeing it any time soon. If we get a different update from the Android team we will of course let you know--they're very aware of all your feedback here. Thanks for your continued feedback!

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Marked as new idea and changed the title to make it clearer and easier to find via search. ;)

Festival Fanatic

This. Need this to make app worthwhile.  Sick of having to go to my PC to rearrange playlists.

Music Lover

This has been a gripe of mine for well over a year now. It's so frustrating. Get it right, Spotify. Or hire me to do it!


I can't believe that it's taking them so long to make this a feature.  Seems like a basic requirement.


Gig Goer

Yep, such a simple and obvious feature. I use the app 95% of the time so it's very frustrating, when creating a playlist for an event, that I have to add tracks in the order I want them played or just play it on shuffle. 


This is the only thing keeping me from going premium. seems elementary. sticking with google all access for now


Just adding my 2cents. 


I'm a premium user for nearly two years now. I never use the desktop application; not having the ability to re-order my playlists from my android phone is the only issue I have with Spotify and currently the only reason I would consider moving to another subscription music service. 


The latest refresh of the android app is nice, but I was fairly dissappointed to not see what I consider a basic feature of music players added to the application. Nothing in the latest refresh came across as a game-changer for me. 


I'm sure there are technical challenges to this; but it seems odd to me that compared to "ancient" players that I've used in the past (WinAmp, windows media player) they easily one-up Spotify on this feature. 

^this.. A massive gripe of the app. Moving tracks around in the playlist will be a huge enhancement. I weight train using my phone and spotify and often tweak the playlist to get the most of the session. Please sort this out. It really is pretty basic but can make a huge difference. (Paid subscriber here)

Youtube no longer allows playlist re-ordering for android, and if I switch to desktop view I still can't tap the "..." on my device to drag it.


Facebook no longer allows android users to toggle between "most recent" and "most important" items in your interest lists (only the main newsfeed).


Amazon won't allow default sorting of its "wish list" feature, making it all but useless to people not-so-computer literate. 


All of these sites have growing numbers of frustrated users complaining about this seemingly simple fix, and none of them have bothered even to give an explanation as to why it's not an option.


SPOTIFY - take this simple step, listen to your community, and become a standout in this area. And if you need help, ask the people at Stitcher how to create a drag option to rearrange a playlist, because their's is impeccable. 

Please, Spotify, add this basic feature!!!