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[Search] Search by BPM (Beats per Minute)

Hi All,

As someone who loves punishing my body by going for long runs,  a good playlist to keep me company is essential!


Picking out and discovering which 'choons' are going to speed me up and push me further can be tricky.

One trick used by many runners is to search out and find songs which all have a similar number of beats per minute so they can place them in order and then use the beat of the song to run to.


As such, it would be awesome to be able to search Spotify for songs which have specific ranges of BPM and then pick the cool [subjective] ones for inclusion in your playlists.




Updated on 2018-08-23

Hi everyone!


Thanks for bringing us your feedback in the Spotify Idea Exchange.


While we don't have plans for Search by BPM right now, we're marking this as a 'Good Idea'.


Please know your feedback is reaching the internal teams at Spotify, and they're aware of the votes around this idea.

We'll continue to check out the feedback here too.


If there are any updates, we'll let you know.



Yes please! This is so helpful for those who do dancesport which has strict tempo requirements... finding practice music you haven't heard a zillion times before, by searching via BPM, would be a game changer!


Beats Per Minutes (BPM) was marked as a 'Good Idea' in 2018 ....but here in 2023, it has still not been implemented!

How hard is it to add a search function where Spotify users can search for music within a specified sub-set /genre based on a range of beats-per-minute (example; 60-70 bpm in Argentine Tango).

It will never be implemented - the (no)reaction of Spotify on this since
ages shows this to be fact. As already mentioned severall times before -
the reason for this mostl ikely is, that DJ´s, doing a paid job with
playing music, should not be able to sort by BPM when using Spotify
directly. This seems to be the everlasting reason for Spotify´s regret....

We would love for Spotify to be the only music service that has the ability to filter for new music. 


I am a DJ. I need to have the ability to have search filters that can drill down into specific genres of music.  For example, a filter that lets me search this way:


BPM:  120-130

Genre:  Acid House

Year: 2021-2023

Label:  Nein Records


Or ideally, a more robust search to find something very specific:


BPM:  120-126

Location(s):  UK, US, France, Germany

Genre(s):  Darkwave, Coldwave, Synthpop

Year:  2018, 2019

Label:  Dais Records


Or something like an 80s decade search for certain types of genres: 


BPM:  110-130

Location:  UK, US, Canada, Italy 

Genre:  Alternative

Subgenre:  New Wave, Italo, Industrial

Label:  Wax Trax, Beggars Banquet, Sire, Mute


It would require expanding your music tagging to include Genre, Sub-Genre, Year, BPM, artist location, record label, etc.  Perhaps you can build a form and let your artists help with tagging their songs, or maybe some kind of community effort if Spotify can't do this alone?  There are software tools that I can recommend that may help.


This is a must have feature for any music enthusiast or those who are into genres like "Techno" or "Metal" and especially for any DJ.  Currently, ALL music services cater to the general mainstream Top-40 music listener, but I believe this kind of search filter can appeal to a mainstream crowd as well as someone who may be trying to dive deep into finding new music from a very specific genre such as heavy metal with all of its subsets  (i.e. Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Black Metal, etc). 

Under the “Search” tab, it would be great to customize it to only display music that we would listen to along with the search filters I just described.  I would love for there to be a way that we can strip out ALL of the “browse all” content that we would NEVER listen to.  A glance at the genres, I've got Hip-Hop Turns 50, Indie, Disney, K-Pop….none of which I would listen to.  We would love to remove those and replace them with specific genres like Darkwave, New Wave, Synthpop, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Acid House, Electro, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Funky House, Psy-Trance, Breakbeat. I think you get the idea.


As a DJ, we know quite well that these genres are not as obscure and irrelevant as you might think.  Unfortunately, I am just not getting it done by searching for an artist and discovering similar artists through its track radio or recommendations for similar artists and curated playlists. You have millions of songs, there has to be a way to drill down for something very specific otherwise there is little reason to have such an extensive music catalog if nobody can find it.  I have reason to believe the vast majority of your users would love to have a feature like that.  I've used the AI powered DJ tab. It is good, but only for casual listening.  

Imagine being able to compile a playlist by Key + BPM so that all songs harmonically sound great together?  It's not an off-the-wall idea.  The technology already exists and has been an industry standard built into DJ software for years. IF the future is streaming for us DJs, a music service that provides these search features will be a requirement. 


If you need inspiration for what I am talking about, check out the websites and 


The only way I can imagine that this would work with Spotify would be if the searched content were displayed in a LIST VIEW so that more results can be shown on screen.

A list view with specific rows and columns.  Artist, Track, BPM, Year, Label, Remix, Length, Key, etc.


I believe people are already starting to get fatigue from AI and the system doing it all for us.  Music is something that is personal to the listener.  Discovering new music is fun….IF we are finding it ourselves.  It doesn’t mean as much to us if music is spoon fed.  We have FM radio for that.  I am not suggesting doing away with AI either, but Spotify needs to have some human element to it.  At a good record store, we can dig through the crates and a passionate music listener loves doing this.  We can't really go "record digging" with music services since most of the content is curated for us.  

I hate to beg, but I would pay a premium for a service like this because right now my workflow is Bandcamp and Beatport, I find new music through their search filters, buy the tracks, then try to find it on Spotify so I can listen to the music I just bought on the go.  It would be great to have these features in 1 desktop app for building playlists of personally discovered new music.


Attached is my "search" tab.  We would love to have the ability to remove the ones we don't need.  If there can be icons that says "techno" and then have the ability to define specifically what kind of "techno" i.e. Tech House, Minimal Synth, Coldwave, EBM, New Beat, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, etc. that is what I am talking about.  The "search" tab has the potential to be useful for everyone.  Spotify could become a tool for new artists to be discovered rather than it being a popularity contest where everyone has to fight to be at the top of the search results or "featured" on one of the tabs.  We all headed-on from FM radio because of curated content.


There has to be filters.  I would love to discuss this further with your product team. I have suggestions that might make your work easier.