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[Social] Rooms/Shared Listening Concept

Status: Not Right Now

Hello there!

I know this idea has been brought up before, but all those ideas were several years ago by now, and I couldn't find a recent discussion about this.

Imagine having "rooms" within Spotify, where you can listen together, simultaneously, to the same track with everybody else in the room, no matter where in the world they are, and no matter what device they're using. You can step up and join the DJ queue, and all DJs in the room play one track, one after another. The friend feed on the right side turns into a chatbox, and you can communicate and talk about music while listening to the same tracks. Think,,, ... but right inside Spotify!

Check out this Medium article by Austin Condiff I found today, detailing this concept (following mockup taken from that article). 


I've been hoping to have some social aspect like this within Spotify, and I think this would enrich the community even further. You could create rooms based on genres or moods, and enjoy music together with friends and strangers alike. An upvote/downvote function would keep rooms democratic and true to their respective themes. 

The mentioned article perfectly explains the concept and benefits of this feature, please check it out! 


Thanks and have a great day!

Updated on 2020-10-15

Hi everyone!

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes to this idea.

We're setting this to 'not right now' as we don't currently have any plans to implement this.
In the meantime, we do however now have the option to join a remote Group Session with all your friends and enjoy the same tracks simultaneously no matter how many miles apart you might be.

For more information be sure to check out our Support site page.

If we have any more info to share on this, rest assured we'll check back in here.

Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2018-09-16

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Such a good idea I would definitely get around this!


Good idea!


My co-workers and I are all trying to find a way to collectivly listen to music though our headphones together at work. This Slient disco idea HAS to become reality! Pretty Please!!!


I LOVE this idea!


Another thing that would be cool to add to this concept would be to have the ability for artisits to host their own chat room! Imagine how many people would participate if Drake hosted a music chat room!


This would be perfect for going on a run with someone! Right now if my boyfriend and I want to run to the same song we either have to try to hit play at the exact same time and hope for the best, or play a song over the phone speaker, which is low quality, hard to hear, and possibly annoying to others depending on where we run.


If you’d like to see what the concept presented in the linked article would look like in action, minus Spotify integration, visit and sign up - they are already executing this concept and it is marvelous. It’s a free site/app, but does require a Premium Spotify account. Also, if you miss, there are many users there from TT who love the site!


Great idea!  There are 3rd party apps that attempt to provide this service, but having it built in on Spotify would be great!  In general, I think increasing the social aspect of Spotify would be good.


I think this a great idea and related to an idea I've had for good while about group queues.


Have you ever had friends over and people are constantly bugging you to queue up the songs they want to hear? Been in the car and your friends want to keep suggesting music and you have to continually hand them your phone while you're driving and recite your password to them for the 1000th time? 


To solve this and potentially add some interesting social uses to the app I imagine something called group queue. I would love to see a feature that allows say "approved friends" to add music to your active queue. Or maybe there would be a button "Start Group Queue" "Allow:  Approved Friends, Friends, or Public" or something along those lines. You would retain certain amounts of control of the queue that the others would not, ie skipping songs, removing songs from other users etc. 

This would allow everyone to have a say in what music is being played at a get together, party, car ride etc. Almost like having a dynamic changing radio station that you can listen to with your friends.


If this was something that was developed and polished up nice I could see some very good spotify marketing campaigns advertising the feature. I imagine a commercial showing situations like I have described above and introducing group queue as the solution. 


I'm not sure if this is different enough from what you are suggesting for me to start a new post or however it works, but I really like your idea as well. 


I am a college student and the "rooms" idea has the potential to be very entertaining for say all the students in the library to be on one playlist. 




There's no need for that new feature implementation, why use the Queue system itself, add social aspects on it like Friends, link sharing or even other Devices connected to Spotify (up to 8 devices I guess, either on same account or others accounts) to listen together. 

Not only will be this social feature, but this could be expanded to multi room audio, multi friends shared speaker streaming (multiple devices, playing the same song together) Which all Spotify doesn't have clear solution to all

Also that recent activity sidebar isn't needed, just put History tab there, beside Queue header (like on Queue screen) other peoples or devices track/album/playlist/podcast/show that's added there will show their name or device name and the timestamp too

Great idea, but no offense the prototype is overdone and unnecessary. We don't even want or need that big **bleep** new playlist banner