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Spotify & "Song Radio" is Essentially Just an Echo Chamber & Doesn't Breed Discovery

This hasn't always been the case, and I don't know if this has to do with the amount of time I've had my Spotify account or if something about the algorithm has drastically changed - but whenever I start a radio based off a song or artist (which is with the intention to find a NEW artist or NEW music that is related to the song/artist I'm starting the radio off of) it just creates essentially a playlist of music I've been listening to - and not even within the same genre off the song.


I've realized that I haven't found any new artists or any new music, and just continuously listen to the same things over and over again which is quite depressing. The point of the song radio or at least how I use it is to discover new artists that are in the same realm of the artist I'm listening to, and I think you all at Spotify are putting everyone - artist AND listener - at a huge detrimental disadvantage by having it go that way because then there is no discovery for new artists and there is no way for listeners to get into new music without scouring the platform instead of giving good recommendations based off your algorithm. More than anything I want to be able to discover new artists based off song radio, not just hear the same songs I've been listening to. If I wanted to listen to those songs, I would just continue to listen to them. Especially since maybe when I start a song radio off something that is midwest-emo/indie, it'll still play hyperpop/rap in the same playlist which are two completely different genre's and moods.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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In addition to the radio, Playlists are now also all the same. I used to really enjoy switching between Spotify generated playlists (like "Salt" or "Sludge") to discover new things and switch between different moods, but now the same songs will be on all playlists regardless of if they match the vibe or not. Spotify is seemingly prioritizing pushing the same handful of songs that the algorithm is SURE I will like - and I might like them, but I absolutely don't want to hear them on every playlist. That's the fastest way to get me to hate them. Every playlist sounds the same and it's so boring. 


Adding a button to remove or opt out of playlists that are “made for you”…

Hearing the same music repeated over because of these playlists is driving me away from using the app! Please provide an option not to be presented with madeforyou playlists 




I've been holding off on cancelling Spotify. Not sure why they keep playing the same songs in the exact same order over and over and over and over and over and over again. No randomness. It feels like you're in an asylum and being tortured. I know all the words to these songs in order:

Adele: when we were young

Lewis Capaldi: Before You Go

Billie Eilish: Happier than ever

Harry Styles: Adore You

Billie Eilish: Bellyache

Lady Gaga: Shallow

Billie Eilish: TV

Adele: Easy On Me

the list goes on. 

Basically, I only really listen to spotify on my drive in to work and home. I might as well turn on the radio than pay for this. 

Don't get me wrong, some songs are amazing that have been introduced to me somewhere, but hammering this same list into my head for the past 5 months and not knowing if there are any other songs out there.