[Web Player] Bring back the queue!!!

The web browser just updated and I can no longer see my queue of songs nor add songs to the queue. 


This feature is an absolute must at work, why did you take it away? 

Unhappy at the moment and will gladly cancel my subscription if this feature is gone for good. 

Hey folks, thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange with your feedback around the Web Player. With this updated version you can see a new design, improved performance and Spotify Connect integration. While we don't have plans to bring back the play queue at this moment, Spotify are still testing and improving the new web player and are taking on board all feedback! We'll keep an eye on this idea as you continue to leave votes and comments. 

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definitely an must at work. won´t keep my subscription if this doesn't get fixed


Please add play queue back. I love how the new interface looks, but there is no reason to take away features.


You have got to bring the queue back to the web player.

Gig Goer

I agree! Hating the new layout. Less features and huge search bar is frustrating.

Music Lover

Please bring the queue back to the web player. Why on earth did you remove it? I've been a premium subscriber for awhile, but I'll just switch to Google Play Music (which has a play queue in its web player) if the queue doesn't return. I use a Chromebook, and the web player is my only option on this device.

Music Lover

This needs to be added back. See comments in this thread in support of this feature: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Linux-Windows-Web-Player/Can-t-queue-on-new-Web-Player/m-p/...

Music Fan

This update is appealing to the eye but it's not convenient for users.. not having the option to add a song to the queue is ridiculous. Bring it back!!!


The play queue is absolutely essentially at work. Why you'd remove such a basic and useful function is beyond me.


Bad call to take away the play queue, Spotify. That was the one feature that I loved about Spotify, and I can't stream without it. You were Pandora's hot sister, and now with open.spotify.com, you look like you started doing meth.


1000000000% AGREE , SO STUPID!