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[Your Library] Show ALL song downloaded for Offline use

As I user, I want to find a playlist where I can see all my downloaded songs. 

Imagine I downloaded 10 albums and 5 playlists. To hear shuffled all these, I need to add one by one to the play queue. I would add another playlist similar to the one "Songs you like" but with downloaded songs. 

Updated on 2021-06-04

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Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2019-12-25

Hello and thanks for bringing your feedback to the Idea Exchange. We've marked this as a new idea. We also changed the title a bit.


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I'd just like to be able to view my entire library. From there you can give options to filter for just downloaded songs or whatever.



I have premium and I understand there is a limited of 10000 songs.  I dont think I am there yet but I cant download anymore songs.  Where do I find my total amount of songs?


I think adding a 'Songs' tab to the library would accommodate a lot of these requests while still maintaining the current library format. In the songs tab you could view all the songs in your library, filter for downloaded songs, filter for liked songs, search for an artist, etc. Right now I just don't really have a good grasp on how much music I have saved because I only have my liked songs set to download but I have a lot of albums where I don't have every track liked.


Yes, I would really love this. Right now I made a playlist with all my music, but I'd rather just download albums, and have these show up in a download playlist. Perfect idea, really weird how this is not implementend yet. Also agree with the comments from @FuriousStyles1 and @djackson1965.


To be honest.. This is not a new idea. You guys at Spotify broke a useful feature and now want us to vote to get it back???


I had Spotify a few years ago and left because of the lack of a proper radio function and shuffle. I went to Google Play Music. Well... Those software nitwits chose to switch to Youtube Music with less functionality and no caching of music (so, wifi connection interrupt is song-on-pause, pffff). Anyhow.. Just got back to Spotify for about a month and a bit.. And there is no Shuffle-all-library? Issues about liked and saved songs, no overlap between albums and songs...  Wow, just wow.. Really guys, sometimes you need to not 'improve' software.


Well.. You know what I will be doing pretty soon? Download music again like in the old days and use my own offline player with predictable functionality. Thanks.


I agree with all the comments here. Spotify needs to add the songs option. I also would like to be able to shuffle all songs in my library. 


Sometimes being different from the competition is not a good thing. There's a reason why every other music service has a function like this. Even the terrible Youtube Music App let's you shuffle your downloads


Please bring back shuffle all songs. At least for all downloaded songs. It is very cumbersome and annoying to have to combine all playlists prior to a road trip to have this functionality. The best music service, which I pay for monthly, is better than this.


Same here. Instead, to add useful features, they updated what was already working great (useless "smart" sorting for playlists).