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[iOS] Do NOT automatically hide the Timer in Now Playing

A recent upgrade has resulted in the song timer blacking out in the Spotify App after a few seconds on a song -- I am a cycling instructor, and I need to see where I am in a track without having to reach down an hit the screen for it to show up again (I accidently jumped to the following track in the middle of a workout the other day trying to figure out where we were in the song). So yes, you can make it re-appear, but when you are leading a class with 50 people in it, and still riding, it is a huge pain to have to pick up your phone multiple times in a song, and very carefully tap the screen (without swiping) to see what minute mark you are at. Having the slider is not sufficient as we time our classes and songs with planned races and pickups (so, for example, I need to be able to know that there is a pickup at 1:22-157, and that there are 7 seconds before it happens, or 32 seconds until the end of the song, etc. etc.).


Removing the timer saves NO space on the screen, and is more of nuscance than anything else. Please bring back the song timer, or at least give people the option to say "Yes hide the timer after a few seconds", or, "No, leave the timer there".


There are thousands of fitness professionals in the same position -- along with my entire studio who use spotify, and we are all irritated with this new feature.


Please, please, PLEASE change it back. This has been a huge headache since last week's update.


Updated: 2015-07-29

Hey folks, we're marking this as a 'Good idea'. Continue to leave your feedback here and we'll keep bringing it back to the teams at Spotify, thanks!


Agreed!  I need the track length for each song in the playlist view to be there for timing a playlist for classes!  We can't do core to a slow song

So, any reaction from the Spotify team? We need to know that you're at least looking into this and I bet that quite a few of us expect a decent response. You're in danger of loosing a lot of premium subscribers. And you might loose some now while people are waiting for some sort of response.. The wait is more frustrating than actually knowing you won't do anything about our problem with your latest update.

Yep -- counting down the days until Apply Music Goes live

Agree 100%! It completely screws up my cueing as a cycle instructor. Please bring it back!!

Must have for cycle instructors!  We don't care about the "nice" song picture...the data is what we need!  Make the numbers bigger and put it at the top of the screen, not the side or bottom! 


A fellow instructor of mine uses the Schwinn Class Tamer and the features would be awesome, but it's NOT available because SPOTIFY won't support 3rd party aps!


I'm definitely going to check out Apple Music!

The schwinn class tamer app is awesome. When Apple starts streaming, I'm going back since it's compatible with the Schwinn app.
Completely agree! Apple Music goes live today!!!!
So excited!

 We need to spread the word to get vmc923 100 kudos.  This won't go to Spotify's review board until the idea has 100 kudos.  It's at 67 right now.


Totally AGREE!! To all these points! Total buzz kill for my classes when I accidentally skip the song. Please change!!! 


This is by far the most ANNOYING Spotify upgrade of ALL TIME. 


I teach cycle, barre, and interval training classes, and this feature is compeltely ridiculous. Like others have pointed out before, who on earth does this benefit?!? Even as a regular listener I like to look down and see where I am in the song, and how much time has elapsed/is remaining. It saves ZERO room on the screen....bottom line? STUPID upgrade.


Please bring this back, it has been the hotbutton topic of Spotify annoyance in our studio, and among other fitness professionals for the past month or so. Can't tell you how many times this feature/lackthereof has come up in conversation recently.


Bring back the timer, and while you're at it, add a setting that allows us to make the timer numbers bigger if we want. Some configuration settings around this would be great: 1) timer on or off (so that weirdos who don't want the timer can turn it off, since apparently someone wanted that feature, still not sure who), and 2) number size so that fitness instructors can make the numbers bigger.