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[iOS] Do NOT automatically hide the Timer in Now Playing

A recent upgrade has resulted in the song timer blacking out in the Spotify App after a few seconds on a song -- I am a cycling instructor, and I need to see where I am in a track without having to reach down an hit the screen for it to show up again (I accidently jumped to the following track in the middle of a workout the other day trying to figure out where we were in the song). So yes, you can make it re-appear, but when you are leading a class with 50 people in it, and still riding, it is a huge pain to have to pick up your phone multiple times in a song, and very carefully tap the screen (without swiping) to see what minute mark you are at. Having the slider is not sufficient as we time our classes and songs with planned races and pickups (so, for example, I need to be able to know that there is a pickup at 1:22-157, and that there are 7 seconds before it happens, or 32 seconds until the end of the song, etc. etc.).


Removing the timer saves NO space on the screen, and is more of nuscance than anything else. Please bring back the song timer, or at least give people the option to say "Yes hide the timer after a few seconds", or, "No, leave the timer there".


There are thousands of fitness professionals in the same position -- along with my entire studio who use spotify, and we are all irritated with this new feature.


Please, please, PLEASE change it back. This has been a huge headache since last week's update.


Updated: 2015-07-29

Hey folks, we're marking this as a 'Good idea'. Continue to leave your feedback here and we'll keep bringing it back to the teams at Spotify, thanks!

Just tap the time line. It toggles hide/visible...

I never realized it was a new feature due to the app update! I thought it was a glitch or just my network being spotty...


has this been fixed yet? also an instructor and need timer. please advise!!!!

It's always been fixed
Just tap your finger on the timer line, it will show on or off depending on your finger tap.

The timer in one of my playlist is gone. How will I put it back?I’m using iOS ,i do not like it cause I still need to get out of Spotify if I need to stop my music unlike before l. Please help


Please bring back the timer! As a spin instructor I need to know exactly where I am in the song at all times. I'm contantly  tapping the screen all during my class. Several times I have accidentally skipped ahead or taking the song back to the beginning while teach. So embarassing. I may just go back to itunes rather than pay for premium.


Add me to the list of disgruntled premium members who need the track time displayed all the time. It doesn’t make any sense to have hidden it in the first place so either bring it back or give us the option of turning it on permanently, please. It’s not enough to have to tap it all the time to bring it up for a few seconds. This has been requested for years and I can’t imagine why you won’t gice us some option for it. 

You can fix it. Just tap on the timer on the left-hand side three or four times and the remaining time and spent time will stay up.

I am also a Spinning instructor and need this feature. I accidentally restarted a song midway through my class when trying to see the timer. Please make this feature a priority it is a MUST need in the fitness community. Thank you.


i just tried the tapping on the left hand side and it works! Thank you.