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[iOS] Option to use "Spatial Audio" on iOS 14 (AirPods Pro)

Apple recently made a update for AirPods Pro allowing spatial audio on iOS 14


I think we need this as an option for Spotify. 

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Updated on 2020-09-24

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Spatial audio support would be a great addition 


Would be an amazing additional feature and you know competitors are coming with it as well


Definitely need this feature ASAP before Spotify loses spacial audio to Apple’s own Music.


This needed to be implemented yesterday! It’s a game changer for sure. 


Please get this added.  Otherwise I’m switching to Apple Music.  Thanks 


It’s a must , there are already streaming services offering this TIDAL and Amazon Music, I am currently on a 90 day free trial with Amazon Music.  I’ve been with Spotify for a long time but if it doesn’t come soon I will be switching. 


We just updated our Verizon plan to unlimited which includes 6 months of Apple Music. The music quality between Apple Music and Spotify is undeniable. Apple Music sounds more HiFi and refined than the playback Spotify offers. 


I realy would love it but if apple is faster with it i will change to apple music no joke guys


Would love to see this on Spotify but if Apple Music comes out with it I might be changing...