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4 Instrumental New Albums


4 Instrumental New Albums

Hi y'all in case you enjoy instrumental music here are 4 new albums all released last week and I enjoy listent all of them but it's important to consider my wifes point of view “you like everything” (that's not true obviously) but she has a point. I have an opend mind to listen all kinds of genre, but even knowing this I'm not always in the mood for everything... as surely happens to you.


Depends of the mood you feel or the moment of the day or your activity here the suggestions:


1 Toundra Das Cabinet desDr. Caligari Post Metal Instrumental Post Rock Released February 28 From Spain this album is really something I only would say that this album as name shows is based on one of the first horror films that this year marks the 100 anniversary of it's release. 




2 Daniel Davis Signals Experimental Atmospheric Released February 28 Well this is also a kind of cinematic and dark or sinister album at times but certantly is a beautiful work, a great seductive listening experience. 





3 Insect Ark The Vanishing Doom Metal Released February 28 If you enjoy metal (doom in this particular case) this album is for you, dark as well the previous two albums in this post but really different. In words of Danna Schechter "The album’s title refers to a daydream I had of disappearing completely – floating out to sea alone, never to return, or walking off down a road, and never being found. This idea has recurred throughout my life,” Happened to you? 






4 Abstract Aprils Hope Lives in Doubt Released February 25 Finaly we have some light out of this tunel. This is that kind of album that helps you to fly away or at least let your mind take an instrospecitve journey to those secret places of your memory. 






I hope you can enjoy some of this albums or evern better all of them!!!

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