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A 90s song, PLEASE HELP!


A 90s song, PLEASE HELP!

Hello Spotify Community! A while ago i was listening to Spotifys own 90s list. I got through the whole list and there's one song that i liked, but i cant find.. So I'm here to ask for your help to find that song again! The clues i can give you is that this song is like no other 90s song, In the intro there's a piano and after some seconds the female singer pops up and starts to singing in a very soothe way. Later in the song there's a beat, a very simple beat and in the end there's a bass guitar popping up. The female sings in a soothe way the whole song. I dont know what to explain more. I hope this explaination helps abit! I have checked through spotifys own 90s lists and i cant find it in them.




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Check out this list below.

Okay so my best guess at this would be the song  Ironic by Alanis Morrissette...That's who I always think of when women singers in the 90s come up. It sounds softish in the beinning and she has a soft soothin voice to me...Best of luck with your search! She was mentioned on the one guy's big 90s playlists but I wanted to draw your attention to this specific song...

No its not Alanis Morrissette - Ironic 😞 I cant get the words out of exactly how this song is. I've done my best.. Maybe my explanintions doesn't help at all 😕

Annie Lennox
"No more I love yous"

Beverley Craven - Promise Me

Maybe this is what you're looking for

A bit late maybe, but it sounds like you could be looking

for "Find Another Way" by Captain Hollywood Project

It's a long shot but is it maybe this one? 

Follow me

Was it R&B/Hip-Hop?

Maybe Enigma or Enya? 

With love, this has to be it:

MC Sar & the Real McCoy - It's on You 

Very old topic but I think there is so many songs from eurodance 90 with a piano that it will take time to listen them and find one.

See this:

Alison Limerick, where love lives???

YOOOOOO 20 bucks says its I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis cause that song SLAPS

Ani Difranco "32 flavors and then some"


Sophie B Hawkins "**bleep** I wish I was your lover"

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

Enya- only time? 

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