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Adding the Spotify Play Button to posts


Adding the Spotify Play Button to posts

Hey music lovers! We've built a fast new way for you to post a Spotify Play Button!


1. Right click on the desired song/ playlist. 

2. Click 'Copy Spotify URI'.

3. Go to your Community post. 

4. Click 'Insert/edit link button'

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.51.27 AM.png

5. Paste URI.

6. Click Post. 




Also, fun tip, if you add ":small" it will make it a small version of the button. 



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@user-removed wrote:



Hum odd, what browser are your using to do that with?

I get exactly the same problem as t3rrapin.

I am using Chrome. Wrong decision? I can try others, but... I prefer to make music instead.


A beetter solution would be to have a feature in the menu, don't you think? Imagine that you want to write something bold and I tell you:


- go to html mode

# write <b> before, or maybe try <strong>

# after the text you want bold, write </b> or </strong>

- post, since preview will not work

- edit if necessary


What would you prefer? That or pressing Ctrl+B or clicking the B at the menu?


Well it's the same. With a huge difference: in this forum is more useful to post a playlist/song/playlist/artist than making a word bold - or red



Cook no good


testing... since something changed radically since @meahtenoha write about it

1) track [text looks "spotify:track:7AjlgynEnYYC3cvrGjyu3h"]


2) album


[i.e. not working - please fix]

[also not working - please fix]

3) artist


[i.e. not working - please fix]

[not working - please fix]

4) playlist


works... text reads "spotify:user:donsolare:playlist:5pwBOObV5Pj9ErXlyhjt5N"


So: the method works for playlists and for single tracks.

It doesn't work for albums nor artists.

Correct me if I'm wrong, please



Follow me

Same problem here. Did you find a solution? 

<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0"></iframe>



Hello there and welcome to the community...


For adding a play button to a post using the embed feature of Spotify, you need to create your post in html mode as the embed button is a html syntax.


For creating a post in html mode, you need to click the ... option above the create-post-box and select [html]


See under the display of your embed button



Hope that will help you.


Keep music going on..


SoundofusSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

FYI, the command is actually .small (with a period), not :small (with a colon)




[with :small at the end]


[with .small at the end]

I experienced some difficulty getting this to work.  Here's a couple of caveats I stumbled over that might help others:


First, on my PC, "Copy Spotify URI" isn't immediately available - it's hidden.  Instead, the Right-click > Share menu displays "Copy link to playlist."  However, when I press and hold the ALT key, it magically changes to "Copy Spotify URI."  Sneaky, eh?  The links produced from each are not equivalent either, but using the "link to playlist" eventually worked for me, regardless.  If this is a PC-only glitch, I hope somebody can clarify.


Second, when pasting the aforementioned "link to playlist" link, the chat composition window automatically displays a preview suggesting successful integration of some sort of player into your message, as when pasting a URL into a Facebook post, for example, but it isn't reliable.  Many times, the player didn't appear in the final message or errors were produced.  As such, I'm not sure what purpose the preview serves other than to reveal / verify where the pasted link resolves to.  But it does not appear in the message in any form.


Third, pasting the iframe into the HTML, as suggested by other users, does not work - at least, not for me at this moment in time.  While a preview of the player does appear successfully in the composition window, submitting the message produces an "illegal HTML" error message.


Finally, in my experience, the player doesn't appear automatically upon submission - only the textual link.  But when you fully reload the page in your Internet browser, the textual link is automatically replaced by the desired Spotify player.  Needless to say, before discovering this, I edited and re-edited my reply a dozen times before realizing things had actually worked.


I hope this is helpful.

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