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Around the World with Music - Game


Around the World with Music - Game

Hey guys!


So I just had an idea for a fun little game we can try. I'll post a song from a country, and the rule for the next person is to post a song from a country that borders the previous one on a world map! (You can make jumps to/from islands or across bodies of water too)


Ideally we will end up back at the first country and we will have made a trip around the world using music!


(I may also make a fun little graphic showing the journey when we're done!)


I'll start with France!




A playlist of the journey will also be created!




97 Replies

Previous Country: Israel


Current Country: Jordon



Previous Country: Jordan

Current Country: Saudi Arabia




Previous Country: Saudi Arabia

(cross the Persian Gulf)

Current Country: Iran

Previous Country: Iran

Crossing the Arabian Sea:

Current Country: India


Spotify seems to have changed how to get the Spotify URI. Click on "Share..." and select the URI button at the right end.


This is from an album a friend once gave me. At the time, she said this album or this artist was her favorite. I don't remember which for sure now.





Aha! Just discovered this music chat, and it's smashing!


And, it seems you guys' fleet is stuck in Europe and the Americas, so why don't we set sail to Asia? xD


Previous Country: India

Current Country: Singapore


Previous Country: Singapore

Current Country: Philippines



Previous Country: Philippines
Current Country: Indonesia (my motherland)

Let me pop back in by crossing the sea towards South Korea!


Previous Country: Indonesia
Current Country: South Korea



Whaaaa! Gangnam style - Reminds me of my lil sister back in those days, blaring the song and dancing to it nonstop. Hahaha


And, after five years and it's still the most viewed video ever! 

Previous Country: South Korea
Current Country: Taiwan


I feel like throwing back to one of my favourite childhood boy bands 🙂



Haha I remember a good ol' story at a girl's 15 party, got pushed, got hit in the lip with the corner of a wall and it started to bleed... Had to run to the bathroom... BUT! When I heard the song, I ran to the dance floor and danced with my suit all blood stained lol

LOL!  I can't resist it, too. The beat's too appealing it makes me wanna dance everytime I hear it even if I can't dance at all. I know I'd only embarrass myself if ppl see me dancing to it, but who cares 😛 It's so catchy.

I know right? Once you hear it, you can't stop it! Back then, I was shameless without being drunk thanks to that song haha!


Previous Country: Taiwan
Current Country: China



I'm a huge fan of k-pop but not of Psy. So let's go back to South Korea.


Previous Country: Japan

Current Country: South Korea




Previous Country: South Korea


Current Country: crossing the ocean to Australia

Previous Country: Australia

Current Country: Indonesia




Previous Country: Indonesia

Current Country: Malaysia

Previous country: Malaysia

Current Country: India



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