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Around the World with Music - Game


Around the World with Music - Game

Hey guys!


So I just had an idea for a fun little game we can try. I'll post a song from a country, and the rule for the next person is to post a song from a country that borders the previous one on a world map! (You can make jumps to/from islands or across bodies of water too)


Ideally we will end up back at the first country and we will have made a trip around the world using music!


(I may also make a fun little graphic showing the journey when we're done!)


I'll start with France!




A playlist of the journey will also be created!




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@LTPiano good pick! have some super esoteric post rock!


Previous Country: India

Current country: China

Really nice pick @crematedman! Definitely gonna be giving this band a listen 🙂

@PilotAC It's certainly a weird one!! Not bad at all though ^_^

Previous Country: China
Current Country: Japan

@rossi1911 wrote:
Previous Country: China
Current Country: Japan

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

@julian_L @MartinStoichkov @rossi1911 @BenitoKCM @heartscore I'm reviving this thread. Let's have some fun!


@rossi1911 let's do it


Previous Country: Japan

Current country: Phillipines



Previous country: The Philippines 

Current neighbouring country: Indonesia

Where are you from? @user-removed
Previous Country: Indonesia
Current Country: Australia

Previous country: Australia

Current country: New Zealand

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Previous country: New Zealand

Current across the oceans neighbouring country: Argentina



@rossi1911 😄

Previous Country: Argentina
Current Country: Brazil

Previous Country: Brazil
Current Country: Philippines

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Saw these lot last night!




Last Country: Phillipines

Current: Australia

Previous Country: Australia

Current Country: Indonesia

Previous Country: Indonesia 

Current Neighbouring Country: Singapore

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