[Blog] #MusicMonday August '19 Review


[Blog] #MusicMonday August '19 Review

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check July's review, or My Year In Music to see some of my more recent posts.


Summer has ended, but it has brought us some nice tunes before bowing out. Here's a sample of them, with a few words from the artists themselves:


*repeat repeat - I Could Hear My Heart Beating


Nashville, TN brings us our first act, with an Indie Rock track dealing with love and heartbreak. In their own words:


"The song was originally political and [Producer] Patrick wasn’t feelin’ the subject matter with regard to the overall album and it coming from us (specifically) being a little too heavy / low-hanging fruit. He sent us home to read some of the works of Raymond Carver and challenged us to write a song in the style of his writings. The song title comes from Carver’s work.”




@SteeSePuede - Under Fire


From the Big Apple, a Trap twist on the same subject. As the song says, "life could be so easy, why don't you believe me":


"I made this song kinda just feeling out the moment. It's a love song but more about the struggles that come when you're with someone. When writing it, that was just how I felt at the moment; torn between the good and bad of relationships. There's always some type of struggle which is what I wanted to convey, but that can come from both sides. That was what I was really trying to convey."




Seaside - Sycamore


Off we go to Byron Bay, New South Wales in beautiful Australia, for yet another take on the subject: how difficult it is to act on your feelings.


With lyrics like,


Well I want you and I need you
But they're different things, aren't they honey?


Take ten steps back
Then take some more


Say, it was your fault


The track sharply reminds us the struggle of having feelings you can't act upon, and how you may end blaming yourself for it.




Dry Cleaning - Magic of Meghan


Finally, from London, UK, a different kind of love, the love from the media to a public figure, and the influence it has on society:


I fell in love with Megan, so incredibly quickly.


Messages from the public, thank you for your doing, we love you. Just what England needs, you’re going to change us.


Never has one outfit been designed, to send so many messages. Earrings that empower women.


Bonus points if you can guess the celebrity. 🙂




Listen to them and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!




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