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Christmas Complete


Christmas Complete

There are so many Christmas playlists, where do you begin?

Start with Christmas Complete by 2mccm2.

From all of the classics you love, to rare gems, new releases and albums.

An extensive playlist with a wide variety of Christmas and holiday music for every mood, all season long!

Over 2000 songs - perfect for shuffle play or find just the right songs for your day.

It's like having your own Christmas radio station!

Follow Christmas Complete by 2mccm2.

Merry Christmas!

29 Replies

Wow, nice!

Following and streaming! I made a christmas song too, maybe you can check it out? Greets. ChristmasTime 2.0 – MC Rich

Follow me

Hey Rich, I just listened to your Christmas song - it was fun!  I have a son who I am going to tell about it, I think will really like it. Congrats on so many listeners too. Merry Christmas to you!

Hi Can you also include the new christmas song of scooter and the big man?


Thanks rogierschipper, I will listen to that today. I am a little bit behind my update schedule due to being on vacation but I am back and ready to go! Thanks for listening and spread the word about Christmas Complete!

Hey guys!!! My name is Nathan Jacobs. Im a DJ and music Producer from Montreal. I just released my new track "One Step at a Time". Let me know what you think, and follow if you like what you heard. Also post your links below i want to hear your music!!!

Any chance to listen yet?

We have listened to it and it was under discussion with the committee for addition to the playlist. Some of the committee are still "thinking about it" but, just for you rogierschipper, I have added the song to the playlist in the mean time. Merry Christmas.

I too started my own custom Christmas playlist.  I tried to mix up artists and songs to help keep the playlist as fresh as Christmas songs can be 🙂


Check it out!  Follow too if you don't mind.


Christmas Complete is the best Christmas playlist on Spotify. The variety is fantastic. We listen to it at work on shuffle and hear new Christmas music every day! Great job 2mccm2!

Wow, thank you for the great review! I am so glad you are enjoying it. Happy listening, and merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you are enjoying listening to Christmas Complete by 2mccm2. Spread the word and follow us on Spotify!

I like this one. Piano jazz covers of unusual Christmas tunes. If you like George Winston or Vince Gauraldi, you'll like this.




Hi Kareng7, I just listened to this album. It would be a good one in front of a warm fire, with a good book. Merry Christmas.

Here's a link to a great Christmas EP that my client Matthew Grant released today - would be great to include on some Christmas playlists!! 



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Hi ! I have been listening to your christmas playlist, feeling jolly. I just did a cover to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, you should take a listen and if you like it add to your playlist! I feel it would fit the vibe.. Happy Holidays!! xoxo

heres a link..!

Hey mbow06, thanks for the like! We hope you enjoy Christmas Complete and have a merry Christmas!

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