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Coolest Album Artwork

Coolest Album Artwork

Have you ever happened upon an album with a cool picture on it? It doesn't matter if it's one of your favorite albums of all time or something that you've never heard of or even disliked . . . please be free to post any album covers with some of the coolest art that you've ever seen!

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This is my favorite Iron Maiden album.


I just realized that it would be hard to see, posting the album. Here's the front and back, laid out as one.


The front is on the right half.



This is in the inside.



Derek Riggs was their artist, at the time.


This is how he identifies. Ha, ha.

Maybe someone will get that.

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I haven't heard most of these but this list is solely for "fractal-type" album covers

Hey folks, 


Here are some of my favorites. I'll post a single track from each album so that the album cover artwork displays. 




Björk's 1995 album Post has a colorful portrait of the singer for album cover with slight resemblances to the actual post service. Björk wears a shirt that looks like a letter envelope. 




Biosphere's Compilation 1991​-​2004, including an image that looks like fields photographed from an airplane. 




The image used by Hooverphonic for their 1998 album Blue Wonder Power Milk is actually the interior of the Atomium in Brussels. 


Hope you like those 🖌 🎭 🎨 

This is the next one I'm going to use.


One of my favorite playlist art. 


My current favorite album artwork might be for the self-titled debut album by the Austrian heavy psych band Ryte. In this artwork, a woolly mammoth gazes menacingly towards the listener amidst billowing smoke, while a pyramid appears to arise from the bubbling swamp below:



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I like animated versions of the artist like this one



Cover art by The art of Alex CF - illustrator, author of natural mythology and main vocalist and lyricist of the band Morrow.



Cool thread @Eclipse_31!


I love the visual concepts of albums, especially how artwork from singles building up to a full-length release interact with each other.


One example that comes to mind is Sasha Sloan's 2020 release, Only Child.


Here are the singles in chronological order of release:

1. Lie


2. House With No Mirrors


3. Is It Just Me?

4. Hypochondriac


Compare the above with the unexpected, contrasting colours of the final album art:


A couple more Playlist Creations I did





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