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[Discuss] "I follow people on Spotify because.."


[Discuss] "I follow people on Spotify because.."

Hi folks, we currently have a poll up about why you follow people on Spotify.


If you have more thoughts, questions or suggestions, please feel free to discuss here.

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Hey victor,


How should we interact with eachother: 

your musical compatibility with vyxl is VERY LOW

Music you have in common includes Mobb DeepHerbie HancockSigur RósNas andRadiohead.


Just kidding 🙂


My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

hahaha yea I don't think we can be friends unfortunately.

kidding, kidding. By interact I mean that if I happen to notice we both like an artist I love I'd introduce the topic in conversation or something like that

I follow artists to keep up with new releases, and individual users with dope taste.

It's awesome that "Activity" is finally on mobile, but Spotify needs to better encourage social activity. I think a "badge" system would seriously incentivise following, sharing and seeking out other people's playlists (I've got thousands of followers yet still feel anonymous :/humblebrag)

.....what hprovonsha said.



hprovonsha wrote:

I really enjoy the "following" aspect of the Spotify community, but it could be improved upon.  I'm not suggestion that Spotify emulate Facebook in any fashion, but I would propose that the profiles of Spotify users were more accessible.  I use Spotify to send music to people on a regular basis and also to discover music that my professors and friends listen to.  As an active musician and music student, this is very useful, but could be improved.  The ticker on the right side of the desktop app is nice, but should be expanded or optimized for more of a musical community.  


Hello !


If I have common tastes with a user, I am pleased to discover the artists it offers, and it is also a sign of friendship to respond to his messages
Sometimes one feels alone can on Spotify

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