[Discussion] Online Concerts

[Discussion] Online Concerts

Hey Community!


With things as they are globally, more and more artists seem to have some version of an online concert available for fans.


Have you been to one? Personally I haven't, even though I'd like to attend one! 


If you have, how did you find this format? Feel free to share any upcoming concerts you're looking forward to here as well 🙂

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I miss live music so much. Hadn't seen many live stream options (for the artists I follow) but there seems to be a whole lot more coming. 


Last week I watched Glass Animals and Tennis. 


Glass Animals really went for it with visual stimuli and an incredible contortionist (i couldn't watch some of his bending...). It was broadcast live, and it failed after about 15mins. Eventually it restarted, and as a sorry they made the stream available for 3 days. Watching it live did have something else about it. Gave it some added anticipation and the live chat feature (although very spammy) made it feel like a shared experience. Watching the rerun didn't feel the same. 


Tennis made theirs available for 3 days regardless. And I didn't watch it live. It was a much more restrained performance, still with some cool lighting/background. 


The sound quality on both was amazing, and I watched snippets of both again over the next few days. 


Live performances are always so re-watchable, even for songs you know really well, as there's something slightly different about them (or massively different if the artist chooses to). 


I've got one more live stream paid for, and that's Roisin Murphy next month. 


I have a good setup of projector and 5.1 surround sound so I'm all for these live streams. Ideally I could do both.


Maybe if you buy a ticket to a live gig (when we can) you can also get a live stream voucher. A bit like buying vinyl when you get a download code too. 

I've been trying to do an online concert for my latest single, #STATIC but it's harder to sell tickets and admission as fans aren't so interested in virtual shows. From the feedback my fans have been giving me, I understand that the whole value of paying for a ticket is to be able to see something live and interactive in front of you, and in many cases, be able to go crazy with the other fans and have an experience that is just inaccessible virtually. Either way, since we aren't selling as much tickets, I would really appreciate if you guys could stream my song and if you like it give it a save, add it to your playlists, share with your friends. Let's help each other out! Every stream counts!


@Loneliest_Cabin - That's quite interesting! I hadn't known you could re-watch online concerts, I'd assumed it's more of a livestream-only type of thing. 

This makes me yearn for something similar from artists whose music I love. I could easily see myself re-watching it a loot of times 😄


Also, cool idea about getting a live stream voucher for every live gig. Despite what's happening, I assume a lot of innovative ideas will surface and follow the music industry even after this. 


@joshualifemusic - thank you for sharing your track with us - feel free to keep us in the loop if you have an online concert after all 🙂 


Virtual shows are not quite the same as live concerts, you're right but under the circumstances, it's still a welcome opportunity. Hopefully things will get better!


As a sidenote, since you are a creator, it would be a good idea checking out the forum's Music Chat Guidelines to find more info on how to properly promote your songs.

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Last night (21 October) I joined James Bay for his special set live from Shakespeare's Globe in London ... from my living room 🙂


The director Paul Dugdale (previously worked with Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones) helped make this virtual concert come to life on the screen whilst also making it feel really personal and intimate - James and the band might as well have been playing in my living room.


The set itself was also really well-judged, with the first half of the concert being more acoustic - with a lot of classic bangers getting an acoustic makeover specially for the occasion - and steadily building up to a full-on rock show by the end, closing with - yes - Hold Back The River.


It was a short-but-sweet one-hour show. The effort that went into making it as slick as it was was evident, and I was glad to have paid for the show if it means supporting artists who are going out of their way to creatively reinterpret live shows in this era.


PS James snuck a cover of this classic midway into the set:


That's really cool @Peter


This kinda makes me wanna ask - how do you all find out about online concerts?


For example, do you find them via Browse > Concerts in the app or via a local newsletter/social media for example?



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Personally I follow artists on Spotify and also use Songkick https://www.songkick.com/live-stream-concerts

So Nils Frahm just released a new live album, with an accompanying live show. 




It's pretty beautiful atmospheric stuff as you'd expect. Mesmerising to watch him perform as well. He's an amazing piano/keyboard player as well as finding the strings, beats and choir vocals to accompany. 


The concert is available exclusively on Mubi. Highly recommended. 



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