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How do you prefer listening to music?


How do you prefer listening to music?

Hey! 🙂


A simple curious question in my dizzy Amon Tobin-filled head that needs to see the doctor:

What is your favourite way of listening to music?


Do you prefer listening to music under the blanket or blindfolded in a dark room?
Or perhaps you like enjoying those soft melodies on top of a moonlit hill, or the roof of your house.. or dog kennel's roof if your house's roof is too high?
Drinking too much coffee or too little water?

Headphones or speakers? Or maybe you prefer some tunes on the go and other tunes on your best audio setup on free days?

Sacred ritual or casual.. not ritual?


Have a lovely day! 🙂

SebastySpotify Star
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If I just woke up, I prefer to plug in my speakers to my laptop and play music from there; I think that being surrounded by music in my apartment helps me to wake up (more so than listening through headphones, where I can easily just lay back down in bed). I’m usually drinking tea or yerba mate at this time as well. In general, playing music through my Bose speakers at home is my favorite way to listen to music, since I have total control of the environment.

If I’m going to lab or somewhere else (usually on my bike), I prefer to listen to music through my Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones. It’s probably not the safest thing to do, but music and biking are so much fun together! Commuting with music is not my favorite way to listen to music though, since there are usually extraneous sounds in the environment that sometimes interfere with the sounds of the music through my headphones. I sometimes listen to music in lab, but this is not my favorite way to listen to music either, since I find that I have to keep interrupting the music when people talk to me, and then I lose track of where I am in the playlist or album.

Listening to music through my headphones while mountain biking on local trails is one of my favorite ways to listen to music, since it’s quieter than in town and the ambient noise is peaceful. However, it’s not my absolute favorite way to listen to music, since I’m using my phone at these times, which is harder to navigate through Spotify than is the desktop client, and I find myself listening to entire playlists or sections of playlists rather than adding tracks I want to listen to to the queue and browsing the discographies of artists that I haven’t yet explored. So being at home with my laptop and speakers is still my favorite way to listen to music, despite how fun the combination of mountain biking and music can be.

If I’m back home at night and it’s past 10pm, I don’t want to bother my neighbors through playing music through my speakers, so I put on my headphones and connect them to my laptop. In some ways, listening at home through headphones is better than listening at home through speakers, since I think the sound quality is captured better through my headphones, but I still prefer listening at home through speakers during the day, since I like the feeling of surrounding the entire apartment space with music; it feels more like being at a concert, which I think is the best way to listen to music if the artists play well live

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Return to the house, the bike resting at the entrance. The herbal tea or more likely a coffee is boiling on the pounding fire. There is autumn air. I choose the sofa. In the morning it would be the tall coffee table by the window. The speakers begin the musical rotation, the softest light is reflected in the vinyls hanging on the rust-colored walls.
The fragrance of the infusion mixes in the vibrant air with new musical sounds.
The rest of the world is waiting for a new day outside ... soon the newsagent will raise the shutters and it will be time to go to sleep.

Detailed vs poetic. Thank you for both 🙂


I used to listen to music on the go, long car rides and especially bus rides where I still listen to music. Bus rides, especially in these comfortable Lux Express buses are my favourite.
I really don't dare to listen to music on a bike, I feel so unsafe!


My preferred way of music listening, or more like what I do ritually every evening, is at home sitting near my laptop. During daytime I'm often playing music through speakers, but (late) evenings are with headphones.

I always listen to music when I draw, paint or do other stuff here.

I don't live alone, so I don't really dare to put extra money under speakers (I'd love to  though!), so I've carefully sunk more pennies into good headphones. To my great happiness those I have are comfortable and sound beautiful.


I did... have trouble sleeping tonight, so these headphones have been caressing me throughout the night.

SebastySpotify Star
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Almost always with headphones. I invested in a pair of pro recording headphones. They aren't great for music production but for listening to most music they are amazing. Almost noise canceling too. I'm at my computer most of the day writing or working on various things - so listen to music quite a bit.


When I've just finished a long day of classes, I like to walk through the city with my earbuds in and look at the sights. Buildings, people and stores, while I jam out to literally any of my favorite playlists. Takes you away to a place of bliss the more you walk.

When I'm trying to do work, headphones are the only way for me because I get really distracted when there is a conversation going on nearby. Even if I'm not trying to eavesdrop, I get focused on what is being said, whether or not it's interesting/relevant to me. I find that when I use speakers, I end up turning it up really loud to mute out other noise, so I use headphones.

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