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How to get followers?


How to get followers?

So after being a spotify member for a year or so, and the option to follow users, artists, bands was added I was wondering if there is a way to gain more followers, it's easy for me to follow my friends and my favourite artists but not so easy to get followers. Anyone who know's any ways to gain followers please comment in this forum, thankyou.




Hey folks! We know the question of 'How do I get more followers?" is a popular one here in the Community. 


That's why we've published this post explaining our top tips for gaining followers on both your profile and playlists. 

If you've got any other great tips for users please post them in this thread, thanks!


follow me on spotify
give me a chat would love to hear what you guys listen to and any recommendations for something new being a new song or artist.
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@Gidyin So true. Only follow one if its because 1) you knows the person, 2) tasty sounds. Not because it, in a remote and deserted universe entitles the followed persona to follow back. Personally I'd abstain from such since I don't follow people I don't know in real life...scary shad

"I'd rather be insane in a sane world than sane in an insane world"

lastFM - deviantArt - picasa

Fresh Party 2014


Check it out! 🙂

Follow my playlist and i promise to follow back Skönastt


Follow for follow? I promise to follow back. You might even find a new artist in your "little black book" *wink wink*

Artist account User account

All for one!

Add your tracks!

What's a Spotify Rock Star , and how do I become one?
Do not touch
Don't touch this either
Seriously, stop

Follow me, Share some great music together. I will follow back

Follow me and I´ll follow you, just type ivan casado,  thanks 🙂

Chillout Summer Lounge (Study, Sleep, Relax) follow my playlist (if you're into chilled music and like the songs in my playlist) and I might follow you back, given that I like the songs in your playlists. Happy listening :)

If you use forums, OP, stick a link to a playlist in your signature; may get a few clicks that way. Or maybe post a link on twitter with an @mention of an artist on there and hope you get a retweet off them.

Follow me

The Soundtrack to your Life. Check out my new mid-summer playlist "Restless Hours"


Restless Hours- June/July 2014


Follow me at...petermetaxas

The best indie tunes of today with a drop of classics and a bit of electronica. 100 song from 100 different artists. It's not special, it's not elitist just indie for the masses! 

Follow and I follow back



Follow my playlist if you like it and write me a message if you want to suggest me yours.


hipster SUMMER 2014

Thought I'd share my playlist here:  Bropourri.  It's an ongoing hodgepodge of current tracks I generally find likeable.  If you give it a follow I promise I will follow back!  🙂

There's very little I like more than talking music.
What I'm listening to recently:

The Soundtrack to Your Life!


Check out My New Playlist "Midsummer Eventide"


Midsummer Eventide- July/ August 2014


Follow me at petermetaxas

Want to hear one of the best AC internet channels on the web?

I've deliberately programmed this playlist to sound better than any commercial music radio station aimed at adults in the UK for myself and anyone else who is equally fed up of commercial radio.  Designed for 4G listening on the move.

3333 tracks to listen online and offline. 80s, 90s, 00s and now, music positioned midway between Heart and JACK FM but I promise it sounds better.

Would love more listeners as I have been working on this project ever since 2009 and in fact ever since the days of Launchcast.


SKYWAVE | UK | Love More Music. © 1996 - 2014. The Best Classic Pop & Soft Rock.


 Also another completely separate project of mine if anyone reading likes CCM, which sounds just as good:

^ SOARING RADIO ^ Uplifting Music 24/7.

If you need fast followers and listeners on your playlist, you can do Advertising Campaign in Google AdWords for AdSense.


If you do it right, you get results in return.

follow me i will follow back 100% of the time and possibly follow some of your playlists if i like them just type in 12147822290 or Alex Connolly

Hey guys I gave a kudo to each person I just followed. If you see a kudo from me it means I followed you. Can you guys follow me back?

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