I listened to Tame Impala's The Less I Know the Better rather late, and blind (deaf, as it were) at that - instantly loved the song unironically. Found the video on youtube a mite later and suffice to say 😳

Same thing for most songs in the following playlist, except the last two: one is a country song by a metal band and one is "mislabeled" as instrumental. Scarecrow is just.. sorry..


Wrapped revealed i had listened to 678 new artists and 496 genres (135 new) but lately it's predominantly been just two artists i jam. Working through one of my queue playlists, i found Adam Warren's To Your Heart - an absolutely lovely gospel(?) song with less than 1000 streams. Seems there's another Adam Warren featured on such albums as Psychosadistic Design and Void (with a prominent pentagram)... that or maybe it's like Unwrthy and Oceano... i just found it funny, in a bitter way; indeed, the more we learn, the more we cry.

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