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Mainstream Alternative Rock


Mainstream Alternative Rock

It's very hard to find new Alternative Rock that is sort of mainstream. Obviously bands like Matchbox Twenty prove that this is a hugely popular style of music. However, most blogs and talk about music is all about non-mainstream styles.


It seems that finding new bands and music in this genre is actually quite difficult. 


So I would like to hear from bands anyone has found. I'll start with The Moderns and their new album Blue Sky.




I have no idea why my links no longer show the player!

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Alt Rock has sort of died out from the early 00's.. If anything you will find that bands that were very prominent in that time are still releasing new music such as Incubus, Muse, Foo Fighters and RHCP. Everything that is new and labled as Alt Rock has a completely different sound to what you would be used to with Matchbox 20.


Unfortunately it's a dying genre.


But here's a 90's Alt playlist to give you some nostalgia



Well it may be dying out, but I would argue that Classical Music has been dying out for 500 years and you can still find new classical! 


There are many bands of note that are much newer than your list. Such as Lower than Atlantis, Breaking Benjamin, Cold Play, Ryan Adams, and many more.


But all these artists are bigger acts, not new undiscovered bands. In spite of what you say, there are bands of this style out there. As I noted, they are just hard to find, which is why I posed the question.


I'm still looking...



I like Blossoms. Do they count as alternative rock?

@rossi1911  I would say they do, good choice!



This is an Australian band. Their genre falls somewhere between Coldplay and U2. I think you should give it a try.

Best song: Fall Together

Actually a great choice, check out their earlier albums as well!

I got another band to show you. It's called Embrace. Check these out!


@aeonx wrote:

Actually a great choice, check out their earlier albums as well!

Of course I did. My favorites are Science of Fear, Trembling Hands, and Sweet Disposition.

I don't think they are like Coldplay at all, but thank you for the recommendation. I really liked them.

This is Vespas Mandarinas, a Brazilian band:


It is not so new - I believe that they started in 2010 - but maybe it counts.

¡Alt Rock is not dying! Here in Spain there are many good alternative bands growing up very fast and is nice to see how start again to be the same scene that in the past. (sorry for my english). Bands like Desakato, Porco Bravo, Rat-Zinger, Gatillazo... and many many more are the underground punk rock´n´roll scene here and still alive! 🙂 

I think alt rock is still around with artists like Hozier. I make kind of Alt.Rock / Indie rock music. Feel free to check it out and share your thoughts 🙂 thank you

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Hey there if you want alt hard rock / metal that is in the mainstream, you might check out these two bands, both bands are from the US and both bands have members from much more famous bands as well.



The next band is Art of Anarchy which has two different singers on released content, the first release contains vocals with deceased S.T.P. and Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland, and then after his death his replacement in the band of Scott Stapp of Alt Hard Rock / Metal band Creed.


Hope you could give these lads a try! They're an alternative-rock band from the Philippines! They recently release a 5-track EP all in English.

Yeah alternative rock has sorta turned into indie pop. This is the most mainstream recently I think



If you are still looking for Alternative Rock bands, mainstream oriented, check out my band Raniss:

Some guys out of Dallas, some pretty good new stuff. 

I'd recommend queens of the stone age. I don't know if it counts as alt. rock but I love them.

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