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One Album for Every Year of Your Life


One Album for Every Year of Your Life

Hi All, I got this idea from a blog I read recently and thought it could make a good playlist. It's simply about choosing one album for every year you've been alive. The choices don't all have to be different, e.g. I've chosen Black Sabbath a couple of times. Mine starts in 1968.

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@spiritofradio I like this idea and I have to be the second one to add an album, because my list starts in 1969 🙂 It's a shame that Captain Beefheart's "Trout mask replica" is not on Spotify, so I have to choose my second favourite, in my opinion one of the best albums of LZ and one of the best debut-albums ever



Sorry I misunderstood the concept, so you are asking for a playlist with all albums, okay, I will need more time, but I will come back

This is a bit more ambitious than what I have already done, which is one track for each year of my life.




For most of these, you could use the album the track came from for the year. Maybe I'll do the album thing in the future.


@fduniho It seems you are one of the few YES-fans, which like "Drama". I think also, that "Drama" is underrated



I am a big huge Yes fan, even through the various lineup changes.


I just recently came across a newish release from the original Yes singer Jon Anderson, one of his solo projects Anderson/Stolt:



Word is Jon Anderson has teamed up with two other Yes veterans, Trevor Rabin, and Rick Wakeman for a new solo project titled ARW - Anderson, Rabin, and Wakeman, with plans for a new album release, not sure when it is planned to be released though:

@user-removedI listened to the track "Knowledge" and though I think it can not compete with the old classics it's closer to the old YES than the last albums of YES itself. I am also curious about the new allstar line-up. I always wonder, that Anderson's voice is not getting older

Very interesting, I recognised, that it was very hard for me to choose one album per year until around 1990, because often I had to choose between several favourites. From 1990 I explored less music, so it was easier to find the one, but from 2000 to present I had to search and listen first before I found an album for each year.

I'm listening to the Anderson/Stolt album now, and I have added it to my Yesmen playlist. It sounds much more like classic Yes than recent Yes albums have. I was never really impressed by Jon Davison's contribution or by the Buggles songs on the album Benoit David recorded. I did previously learn about Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman and watched a video or two on YouTube, but Jon Anderson had a hoarse voice in these. I'm hoping he'll sound better in the studio. He has also recently been working with Jean-Luc Ponty, the electric violinist who plays fusion. I just learned that members of Rush will be inducting Yes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month. So I'm looking forward to that.


@spiritofradio this is a great concept. I was born in the 80's, so I'm a bit behind you generation-wise. I think I'd have to include New Order in there somewhere 🙂

@fduniho I saw them live with Davisson and I agree, that he was not a good substitute: He very much lacks the stage presence of Anderson and also his articulation is not so good. There is a guy on Youtube, who is much better than Davisson, his name is Tim Wardle

I see you like a bit of Led Zeplin. What do you think of this album?

@heartscore @fduniho outstanding playlists ^_^


@spiritofradio best topic idea I've seen in a while! Enjoyed making it...  but I'm only a young grasshopper XD


I'll take it to assume they have to be from the year:



@christopaul I most like cover-versions, which are far away from the original, so Eric Gales and Robert Lockwood would be my favourites here, though I admit, that I prefer the original

@crematedman Though you are a grasshopper there is an intersection in our musical taste, I also like QOTSA, RATM, and Sampha was introduced to me because of your posts in A-Z, one of my latest discoveries. From 1995 to present I don't know much music, but actually I am catching up with new music

This is a really great idea! Mine starts in 1998 but I created the playlist. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to continue doing this every year.

For someone who was born in '98, what would you recommend me listen to so I can get a feel for the music of the past. I am currently 18, if that helps in any decision. I am interested in Hip Hop, Rock, Metal and Electronic, Let me know and suggestions. I am open to listening to new Music.



If you are into Rock and Metal, you for sure want to check out the most popular 80's Rock and Metal bands of the 80's. Pay close attention to bands that were part of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal 78, 79, 80, 81 years for focused direction. These early years are going to be a little tough as some of this classic material not all of it is on Spotify. Some of this early material is on Spotify but some of it is missing as well, early Def Leppard and Tygers of Pan Tang which hit the music scenes as heavy hitters in the early 80's, both band's classic material is missing on Spotify at least from a U.S. account.


A simple Google search should pull up several online music sources such as pitchfork, rolling stone magazine. These music sources should have a list of the top rock and metal albums of the 80's to check out. And if you want to go farther back, you might as well check out the top albums of the 70's decade in Rock and Hard Rock as well. Again a Google search will yield some similar search returns for albums to check out.


Also be sure to check out the break out bands of the early part of the 90's decade, this was where Grunge / Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal got it's big push, and several bands starting out made big names for themselves during the early years of that decade in Rock / Hard Rock / and Metal which moved into a new music genre known as Nu Metal. The 90's decade resulted in some artists getting influences from Industrial music at the time, picking up using sampling and other electronic type of music recording in Hard Rock and Metal forms, which helped opened up a whole new door and dynamic in this direction of music.



For electronic if you are into Industrial side of this music form, you can check out Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Rammstein, Chemlab, etc. A wiki list of Industrial bands that uses or used electronic as well as Rock / Hard Rock / and Metal musical influences.

That it is a very thorough answer. Thank you for that! I will definitely take a look at some music sites when I get home.

Rock is something that I want to get into more than I already am. That and metal.

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