Songs under 30 seconds that are Played are not recorded as Played

Songs under 30 seconds that are Played are not recorded as Played


The best example is the Steven Universe Soundtrack:

Track 1 and 3 are played "< 1000" times (I assume the recorded count is 0 if this design bug works as I imagine), but all other songs are played a few hundred thousand times.

Logically, people usually play the first song on an album when listening in its entirety, so realistically track 1, the main title, would be played over 1000 times easily. 

Other songs on the soundtrack that are over 30 seconds have over 300,000 plays.

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Pretty sure spotify pays the bands by how many times their songs are played and I'd assume that it doesn't record plays on these short songs because someone could make a band with one second songs and just keep a playlist on repeat. Its probably done to protect spotify. Don't take my word for it but it's a possible answer to why this is.


Hey @breyana


One stream is 30 seconds or more of a song played back.

Here's a bit more information on what and how much is counted.  🙂


( as example will scrobble when half of the track has been played. But if the track is less than 30 seconds, it won't scrobble.)


I also agree with @bradg43

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Spotify needs to work out a better way to do this. I love the really short Napalm Death songs off Scum. These are some of their greatest hits. Songs like 'Parasites', 'The Kill' and 'Deceiver' show as having >1000 plays because they are under 30 seconds, meanwhile 'Negative Approach' shows as having over 100k plays just because it's 3 seconds longer? This doesn't make any sense. The really short songs are some of the most popular songs on Scum!

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