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Spotify changes playlists?


Spotify changes playlists?

I had a playlist by Spotify called "better off without you" which is now called Torch + Twang... it is nowhere near the same songs.. how come they change them? And how do I find the old playlist? 

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Hey @ceciliea


Spotify changes and updates their playlists pretty regularly. Some are changed weekly (like Discover Weekly and Release Radar). Rap Caviar seems to be updated very frequently as well.
In most cases some songs may get replaced by others and new songs are added, and sometimes the entire playlist is changed.

It's just to keep playlists updated with new material. 🙂


There are no archives for old Spotify playlists, but I do recommend typing the old playlist name into Spotify's search and checking out playlists made by users. Some users like to create copies of official playlists.


I hope you find a suitable playlist 🙂

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Yes, this is a really bad experience.  I'm all for keeping material fresh, but in my case they changed the entire list.  The list I listened to yesterday was replaced in my playlist to something with a different name, ALL different songs, and a different genre... boooo!

Thanks for the helpful responses. Thought I was losing my mind. I only just found this fabulous ('70s Yacht Rock Mix) playlist 2 days ago, now it's changed forever. What's the point, Spotify, of creating these playlists for us to favorite and enjoy if you're only going to change it on us? I love the songs I love for a reason. I'd rather it be left to me to "refresh" my own music. I'd rather you create a brand new playlist, perhaps similarly named, like, 2.0, if you're going to refresh. And I'd rather you post a warning on the screen, such as "This playlist will be retired," rather than just yanking the playlist perfection that was my daily joy. It's a first-world problem, but I'm crushed by this. Double boooo!

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